Baby Brody: Week 1

Weight:  Brody was born at 7 lbs 9 oz.  He lost a little weight in hospital and was up to 7 lbs 12 oz at our first pediatrician appointment on July 2nd at 5 days old.  He was just under 21 inches long at birth.

Medical Issues:  A few hours after Brody was born, the nurses discovered that he was having some trouble breathing and his heart rate had dropped after his bath.  They also heard a heart murmur on the little guy.  He was admitted into intensive care to be monitored on his birth date.   He stayed 2 extra nights in the hospital.  All of his test came back clear and his heart murmur was gone.  We learned that those are fairly common in newborns within the first 24 hours and many times they go away on their own.  He did amazing once in ICU and recovered quickly so we could bring him home!

His little IV in Intensive Care

He takes several good naps throughout the day and so far has slept amazingly at night since we have been home.  His fussy time seems to be around 9-11pm; but once we get him to sleep somewhere around 11pm, he sleeps until 4am to feed and then back asleep till 8am or later.  I'm certain this won't last just because I am typing it.  He's been great so far.  Ill keep my fingers crossed.

I sleep a lot.  My mom got to dress me in my clothes for the first time!

He's wearing 0-3 months mostly.  I like him in the little gowns that don't have to go over his head and that are really easy for diaper changes.

Visitors: He has met both sets of grandparents, his Uncle Brandon, Aunt Melanie and her 3 girls {Brody's cousins}, and his Uncle Bryan and Aunt Erin are on their way up to meet him today.  We've kept visitors to family so far and hope to share him with friends in another week or so.  The nurses in the ICU suggested we wait about 2 weeks if possible for too many visitors.  It's so hard because I'm ready to introduce him to everyone :)

Mommy and Daddy were visitors in the ICU

Uncle Brandon getting some tummy time

Papa Bear stopping by for snuggles

Aunt Melanie and her 3 girls came by for some loving too { Brody's cousins}

Diet:  Lots of mommy's breastmilk.  I'm a real good eater.  When he was in ICU that had to supplement some with some Similac formula while my milk was coming in.  It's a requirement in there to see progress in weight gain which is mainly geared to the premies that are in ICU, but they wanted to see him gain weight as well.  Momma's milk is in and I'm a breast feeding champ.  It was also nice because I learned how to utilize the pump in the hospital and have had good luck with that too.

Baby Gear Love:  I've loved my MommaRoo, my Rock N Sleeper, my car seat, my Pack n Play bassinet and my stroller.  I've tried out everything already!!

Crying:  I feel lucky that he doesn't cry much; but just as everyone says, when he crys its either hunger, gas, or a dirty diaper.  He's very happy in the mornings and he tends to be fussy in the late evenings between 9pm-11pm.

Likes:  He loves his hands and is a pretty good "self soother" and he loves to be swaddled.  He likes to lay on our legs and be able to stare up at us as we talk to him.  We get some pretty cute faces from him then.

Milestones:  Coming home from the hospital, meeting my sister Bella, riding in my carseat which he loved, first sponge bath, taking a quick ride in my stroller, and trying out lots of my toys.  He also met his pediatrician for the first time and everything went great.

My going home outfit

Finally arriving HOME!

My first sponge bath at home

My sister Bella meeting me for the first time

First Ride in my Stroller

Postpartum:   I have been so lucky and felt great since he was born.  I was up and moving just a few hours after Brody was born and really have been very mobile.  I've utilized Bella B's Nipple Nurture Butter {thanks Brie} to help the boobies and have had to invest in quite a few new breastfeeding bras and clothes that I was not prepared for.  Those feedings come REALLY fast.  I stayed swollen in my legs and feet for a couple days after delivery and so thankful that is all gone.  It was crazy how I just woke up one morning around day 5 or 6 and the swelling was finally all gone out of my legs, hands and face.  It's nice to see each morning the belly going down a little more.  Overall, it was really an incredible experience even with our time in ICU.  We have had a wonderful week and an easy time adjusting at home and we can only hope it stays this smooth!

More photos of us back home:

Finally getting my snuggles with him back at the house and not in that ICU

Cooking his "Welcome Home" dinner

Our first pediatrician appointment 


Snuggles with Daddy and Bella

My first holiday and my Grandma Holly's Birthday

Happy Birthday Ma-Holly!!

 My 4th of July outfit!

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