39 Weeks 5 days: Doctor's Update

I went to the doctor yesterday (Monday) morning in hopes that the doctor would check my cervix and then schedule my induction for that evening or Tuesday evening like he had told me at my appointment last week.  Unfortunately, I had only progressed a little bit {barely 2 cm dilated & still 70% effaced}; so he did another quick scraping of the membranes and scheduled us to come in at midnight this Wednesday and we will have this baby on Thursday.  Thursday, June 27th.  A due date baby!

So it's all exciting and fine today, but YESTERDAY, I was one unhappy gal.  That extra 24 hours that he pushed back my induction mine as well have felt like eternity to this 40 week hot, tired pregnant momma.  Obviously, it is all done for the comfort and safety of both mom and baby during delivery and I do appreciate and understand that.  We are now super excited to have the delivery officially on the books and we are anxiously awaiting Baby Brody's arrival on Thursday!

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