Wednesday Wishlist : Sick Baby Ramblings

I apologize for being absent for over a week!  We had a rough week around the Malone household last week.  

Ill start by saying that today I just wish to have my little man completely healthy again. He has been teething with a bad runny nose for over a week now. 

Here's what's been going on:

-Brody was up ALL night long last Monday night

-After going to bed at 6pm, he woke up about 2.5 hours later crying and restless like he was sick and in a lot of pain.  

- All 4 of his top teeth came in all at once...
(Plus the one on the top left was bruised and I think causing him even more pain)

- We gave him some Tylenol and some Hyland's Teething tablets, but he spent most of the night on my chest in the rocking chair in his bedroom.  It was the first full all-nighter we have ever pulled together.  It was a looooong night.   It broke my heart to see the little man so uncomfortable though.

-  He had a terrible runny nose and was pretty congested.  The more he cried, the more congested he got.  

- My mother in law was my saving grace all week.  She was such a big help.   

- After being up all night Monday, I woke up Tuesday feeling sick too!  I was achy, scratchy throat and runny nose.

-  Matt went out of town Wednesday night and even though Brody was back to sleeping well at night, he was waking up at 515am ready to go for the day.  Wednesday morning was loooong.   

-  We did a lot of bathing (trying to loosen up the congestion) and snuggling this week.

- We finally got him back to sleeping on his normal 6pm-6am schedule but I'm also afraid the day light savings time might still throw this for a loop. 

- Most of the time he is still playing and being his happy self, but we have this constant runny nose that is so annoying. He absolutely hates when I wipe it- even with boogie wipes. 

I'm asking all of you for any tips or tricks to get this baby feeling better.  My pediatrician recommended saline spray and warm showers to loosen up the congestion.  I'm having a tough time figuring out whether the runny nose is coming from teething or from a virus or cold. He hasn't run any fevers. 

Ill take any recommendations or tips for helping this baby!! 


  1. Poor Brody...and poor you! We JUST got done with this routine that unfortunatley lasted a month for us. Jack cut four teeth at the top just like Brody about the same time he got sick. His illness turned into a full virus which then turned into an ear infection. I'm sure it won't get this bad with Brody. What helped us in the sleep department was tylenol during the day, but at night we gave him a little children's zyrtec. Our pediatrician told us to do this to dry all of the junk up, but I think it also made him sleepy :) Good luck and hang in there!!!!

  2. Poor little guy!! I can't believe he got 4 teeth at once- Miller got his two bottom at the same time and I thought that was awful- I can't even imagine 4. I did the humidifer, bulb syringe and I tried to get us outside as much as I could for fresh air and away from the germs! My doc did say to be careful using the bulb syringe or nose frida too much because it can actually make the congestion worse if you over use it.
    Good luck! I hope things have gotten better.

  3. Growing pains, indeed. Better give him the pain relievers and the treatments that he'll have to get to lessen the hurt a little bit, and make sure that it doesn't lead into other sickness and stresses.

    Aurora DX