Five on Friday

Linking up with the Five on Friday Girls today...

{One}  Last weekend we walked a 5K race that a local Irish Pub, McGuire's, puts on.  They always have an incredible participation and this year was no different.  15,000 people come to the race from all over the Gulf Coast and dress up in their best St. Patricks Day attire and run or walk the race.  We always have a great time.  After the race, there is always a huge party as you can see from the photo below.  Beer and Diesel Fuels (picture a green rum and orange juice) are served to everyone who races!

Brody walked too and took a nice nap along the route...

{Two} I had some friends of mine tell me last week about a fun class they take their kids to every week.  It's a music class for babies.  As soon as they told me, I knew I had to bring Brody.  For any locals, it's called Gulf Breeze School of Music.  It is a 45 min class and they have them for all different age groups.  The Moms and babies take their shoes off and sit around a blanket and sing and do activities together throughout the class.   It's a fun and interactive activity for the babies.   
Have any of you done any classes like this??  

{Three}  My sister-in-law and I headed down to Destin, FL with Brody this week when our husbands were on a work trip down in Key West.  We went for two nights to stay at our families condo intending to do some work and updates on the condo (which we did), but we also got to take a day down in Seaside and Rosemary Beach.  Since it was Spring Break down here, the little towns were packed with families and college kids; but it was so fun to stroll Brody around the shops and he had his first little taste of gelato which is why he is so happy in this picture.  I think that tongue says, "Feed me more."

Who's been to Seaside or Rosemary Beach before??? If you haven't, you need to plan a trip.  It's amazing.

Looking down the street in Rosemary... The Pearl Hotel is just on the left corner and is an amazing hotel to stay at if you are visiting :)

{Four}  These are a few photos I snapped at our families condo in Destin while we were there.  The furniture in the place is so dark and heavy and we are lacking a lot of light in here, so I've made myself a list of things that need to be done and hope to knock them out over the next month or so.  Hopefully I will be reporting back with before and after photos soon!!

{Five}  This one is for all you Mama's out there.....This kid is driving me crazy when it comes to diaper changes and getting dressed every day and every night.  He's 8 months old.  Have any of you experienced this and what do you do about it??  How long does it last?  He has to grow out of it...right??  I can't remember exactly how long it's been going on now, but I think part of it is when he started being really mobile that he just doesn't like to sit still.   

I'll take any insight possible!!!!!

We also took some professional photos last week of Brody and some of the whole family as well as around the house!  I can't wait to share them with you and finally get some photos of the new house up!!  I hate that it's taken me so long to get house photos up, but I am a terrible photographer!  

Here's one I took on my iphone...


  1. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Stunning kitchen and Brody is adorable! I have been wanting to take my little guy to a local music class for little ones. I'll have to give it a try! Happy Friday!

  3. Your kitchen? I have no words and I usually can't stop talking. As for the diaper change situation, I keep random things nearby that keep his attention and are usually not allowed {think remote controls, mini spray bottle, my phone...}.

  4. Stunning Kitchen!!! Gorgeous! Can't wait to see more pics. That 5k race looks like so much fun! Miller has been giving me such a run for my money with diaper/clothes changes- I can't stand it! My new thing this week is to give him something to hold while I change his diaper- but it can't be a toy it has to be something random- like a hair brush, toothpaste, toothbrush, book, magazine- anything to distract him long enough and so far it's been working!

  5. Love love love the kitchen photo!! I am so jealous!! Brooks is horrible at diaper changes and getting dressed too. I try to distract him with an object to play with. It doesn't work every time but it helps some!

  6. Your kitchen is so beautiful!!!! I can't wait to see the professional photos of your home.