Baby Brody : Week 7

My little man is growing right before our eyes, no lie.  It's so crazy.  We wake up every day and say he looks different.  Every day is more and more fun because he is discovers new things daily too.  

He likes smiling, his swing, the activity mat, bath time, sleeping on mommy, white noise, baby massages, being outside, sitting straight up (I think it helps the gas) and being burped (he's a great burper).  He doesn't like tummy time for long, gas, clothes going over his head, or dirty diapers.  

His sleep has pretty much stayed the same where he is going to bed between 8 or 9pm waking up once about 4am and then goes back to sleep until 7 or 8am.  I can't complain.  I am getting some nice long stretches of sleep. 

His bad aunt Barbara came to visit last weekend and he was exceptionally fussy and she loved working her magic to soothe him to sleep.  She wanted to make sure she still "had it."

We tried him back in the Bumbo this week and he is loving it now.  It's so cute.  His little neck is getting stronger and stronger every day.  

He loves bath time and I love it too.  We give him his bath around 8pm and some nights I am counting down the minutes because he loves to be fussy from about 6-8pm and the bath always makes him happy.  It's so cute to watch his little faces in the tub.  The bath starts our bedtime routine each night.  He gets his little baby massage afterwards with some oil and he smiles all the way through it.  It's such a sweet time. 

Brody's precious girlfriend, Amelia Kate Martin, was born this week on Tuesday.  He can't wait to meet her :)  She is absolutely beautiful with a gorgeous head of dark hair.  And look at her beautiful momma just after giving birth. 

We spend just about every evening out on the pier enjoying a cocktail, catching up on the day and letting little Brody enjoy some fresh air.  He loves being outside and is usually very content out there.

He's finally big enough to fit into the Ergo carrier and we love it.  How cute is that color too??  I'm not sure how long this dark hair is going to last....I thought I was really going to like it this time, but sometimes I am not a fan.  

Some nights we get to enjoy beautiful sunsets like this one...

We still spend a lot of time like this.  He loves laying on me and the boppy.  He loves to eat and then he loves to fall asleep like this.  And how can I deny him of this when he looks so angelic ???

I can't believe he is almost two months old.  We are taking him on his first vacation over Labor Day weekend to Destin (only an hour away), but I still can't wait.   It will be great to get a change of scenery and have some fun with family.  

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