Five on Friday

Linking up with the Five on Friday Girls today...

Most of my five on friday's lately have been a photo dump from my iPhone of the weeks activities. Sorry about that, but it's fast and it's the easiest way for me to get a post up :)

So happy that it's officially SPRING this week!  I walked out the backdoor of my house on Wednesday with a smile from ear to ear because it was absolutely gorgeous.  I love the location of our new home as the backdoor basically leads you right to our downtown area.  It's so much fun to feel like I can walk to fun lunch spots, coffee shops, and cute stores.  

That's how I feel!! It makes me feel like I want to be back in college drinking beers on an outdoor patio and find any excuse for a celebration or party.

My fabulous wedding photographer out of New Orleans, Creative Images, came over to Pensacola a few weeks ago and snapped some adorable photos of our family and new house.  Please excuse this quality of the photos, I will post the real ones soon; but I'm waiting on my disc!  He did such a great job.  We love them.  

He made our house look so incredible.  This is a photo of our entry way. 


Brody and I went on his first trip to the Gulf Breeze Zoo this week.  It was so much fun going with a group of Mom's and their babies to tour the zoo.  I swear I haven't been back to this zoo since I was on an Elementary school field trip there.  It was a blast to be back with my own little one.  

the birds

the giraffes

Sorry, I know this is stretching it; but I can't get over these teeth that are coming in on my little boy.  He doesn't even look like the same kid here.  I'm not sure that I am ready for them to be completely in.  They are HUGE!

Okay, this last one I need ya'lls help with!  Has anyone been to Turks and Caicos??
Husband and I planned a little getaway sans baby for our two-year anniversary.  We are sneaking off to Turks and Caicos and staying at a resort called Grace Bay Club.  I hear that they have some amazing restaurants on this island.  Give us some recommendations!! 

We will be staying in the area by the red thumbtack.  


  1. Enjoy Turks! Can't wait to see the professional house pics! Gorgeous!

  2. I love that saying about Spring!! I feel like it's so true: you start to have bridal showers, and weddings and graduation parties and so on! :) WOW-- your entryway is gorgeous!!! :)
    Have fun on your vacation! SO jealous, that is going to be A-mazing!!!!

  3. I was so excited when my guy started getting teeth, and then I got a little weepy because his "baby-ness" was disappearing. Being a mom is confusing :)