Baby Brody : Month 9

Age: 9 Months as of March 27th

Weight:  22 lbs  

Clothes:  12 and 18 month clothes; size 3 diapers

Sleep:  The beginning of the month started out very bad as you had your first sickness which we will get into later.  Otherwise, daylight savings time happened this month and it turned out to be a good thing for us.  We moved your bedtime back until as close to 7pm as we can keep you up and then you are sleeping/playing in the crib until 7:15am.  We appreciate that extra hour in the mornings.  

The first week of March was probably our toughest week to date.  You woke up so sick and congested on Monday night that you couldn't sleep at all.  We spent the whole week sick together with the help of your Grammy.  I hope to not have to go through that again for a long time.  

Eat:  For most of the month, you really weren't that good of a food eater.  You love your bottles, but you didn't eat a ton of baby food.   Thankfully, that has changed the last week and you chow down your baby food.  We stick to the Plum Organic pouches now and you love them.  You still love the vegetables a lot more than the fruits and whoever came up with the "World Baby" flavors is an absolute genius. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the amount of Mexican I consumed when I was pregnant for you.  

You love pushing your radio flyer cart (this thing is the best for helping them walk because its sturdy and won't slip out from under them like some of the Fischer-Price walkers do. 
Music Class
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (specifically when Mickey walks out in the beginning and when they sing the Hot Dog song at the end)
Standing up without holding on to anything.
You love doing a new trick you learned where you blow out and vibrate your lips together

Diaper Changes
Having your face wiped after feedings
Being told "No" --  You started pitching fits this month

Standing with no hands {3/1/14}
Your first Mardi Gras 
Your first COLD {3/3/14}
FOUR of your top teeth all came in this month
Walking with Walker and holding onto furniture{3/8/14}
First time waving {3/12/14}  -- this seemed to be a one time occurrence 
First baby step {3/17/14}  -- you've done this a couple of times this month, but you still have some strength to gain before you are on the move
First time to the Gulf Breeze Zoo 
You went to your first Music Class 

Places You've Gone:
Destin/Rosemary Beach
Gulf Breeze Zoo

We had lots of work friends in town for Mardi Gras this year that got to visit with you
Our wedding photographer also came to town and got to snap these adorable photos of you at the house!

I absolutely can't wait to see what the next few months have in store for us.  You are so fun right now and I know it only gets better, but I just love that you're still a baby yet your little personality is really shining through. 


  1. How scary to have your kiddo sick :( One of my best friends who is an ER nurse with me said that her baby was way more intimidating that any trauma patient she's ever had.

    Glad he's feeling better, and you're getting an extra hour of sleep! Brody is precious!


  2. He. Is. SO. cute. That dimple?? I melt! Man, sick kiddos are no fun. My daughter had her first cold around Christmas, which I got, too, and it was a rough time all around! And FOUR teeth?? What a trouper that he's even still smiling for anything. I know teething is not a fun time! (Though my 10 month old doesn't even have one yet, ha)