Scenes from our Weekend : Father's Day

I did such a horrible job taking pictures this weekend that I almost bagged this post all together, but it was Father's Day weekend and Matt's first Father's Day at that, so I thought I better document it the best I could!!

We really had a nice weekend with friends and family and although we never made it out on the boat like we had hoped, we still had a great time.  

Friday night we had friends over for dinner and an intense and extremely competitive game of Spades...Anyone ever played Spades before???

I snapped a photo in my new Bauble Bar necklace and "Daisy Dukes" as my husband called them.  Thanks Mo for the Levi's find!

Per usual, I had lots of fun play time with little BFF and by dinner time on Friday night, I put that sweet little face to bed so we could have some adult time! 

We had a great meal planned for our friends on Friday night.  I feel like I have been cooking so much more lately, but mainly it's because our grill has been out of commission.  Usually we just throw some meat and veggies on the grill and call it a night, so there's not much for "recipes" going on.  But now that our grill has gone kaput, I'm having to get a bit more creative in the kitchen. 

Thanks to wonderful bloggers and pinterest, it hasn't been too difficult to find new delicious recipes.  I whipped up some bacon wrapped asparagus (not pictured), fresh corn and mushroom gnocchi and some pan fried Snapper.  It really came out incredible if I do say so myself.  I'm planning to share all the recipes with ya'll tomorrow :)

Pan Fried Snapper

Saturday was mostly spent recovering from the extremely competitive Spades game that happen the night before with a few too many bottles of wine, but we also managed to break out a few of Brody's first birthday gifts that we were planning on giving to him early because they required some assembly and he doesn't know the difference any way. :)

We went over to my Mom's house Saturday night for dinner to celebrate the men for Father's Day and my brother, Bryan's first Father's Day as well as Matt's!! They broke in their new Kamada Joe Grill with some delicious filets for all of us.  It was a beautiful evening and fun to be with family.  

Another terrible photo, but I wore my Dad's gold belt buckle on my necklace in honor of Father's Day this weekend.   My Dad's girlfriend so kindly took his belt buckle after he passed to a jeweler and had  it made into a pin, so that I can wear it close to my heart!! It has his initials engraved in it which is hard to see.  

Sunday morning was spent snuggling in bed while I made breakfast for all of us in honor of Father's Day.  We had a nice relaxing morning at home and when Brody woke up from his morning nap, we grabbed my Father-in-Law and headed to Perdido Key for lunch at The Oyster Bar.   It was fun going somewhere different for lunch and it's on the water and was a perfect day.  Sadly, I have ZERO good pictures from the afternoon.  I'm so sad.  Oh well, instead you get a car mirror selfie of my fun neon jewelry I sported for the day! 

Blue and Yellow for the win! 

Matt had kept telling me he didn't have any great photos of his family at his office and he wanted some, so when Father's Day rolled around, I knew exactly what to get him.  I picked up some Mudpie frames from Pizzaz and stocked them with some 8x10 photos from our photo shoot when Brody was 8 months old. 

We spent the evening with my family over at our house eating appetizers and watching the end of the U.S. Open!  It was a perfect casual ending to a nice weekend.  It was ironically my first Father's Day without my Dad, but Matt's first Father's Day as a Dad so I had a whirlwind of emotions.  We missed my Dad all weekend long, but were so fortunate to be celebrating new Father's this weekend and the sweet babies that make us parents...

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend relaxing and pampering your daddies yesterday!! 

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  1. Looks like a great weekend! And I LOVE your sandals!!! Super cute!!

    Alycia//Crazily Normal

  2. Love your Bauble Bar earrings! And how sweet that you have your dad's belt buckle on a necklace - I was thinking of you yesterday! Glad you guys had a good weekend :)

  3. I am loving all your baubles!!! So pretty!! Sounds like the perfect weekend!! I love the story about the belt buckle - that is so sweet! Thanks for linking up :)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, and that you wear your dad's belt buckle is incredibly sweet. I'm truly sorry for your loss; I imagine Father's Day was bittersweet at times. But your hubby seems like awesome and a great dad to your little man. And yay for US Open watching :) Our TVs were full of that and the World Cup all weekend. And some baseball.

  5. I was thinking about you this weekend as you celebrated with your sweet husband and without your dad. I can't imagine the bittersweetness you felt - but I love the belt buckle you wore in your dad's honor.

    Happy Monday sweet friend!

  6. Sounds like an eventful weekend filled with GREAT food! The belt buckle is a really sweet sentiment to have. My father passed when I was a freshman in college. It gets easier!

  7. Love the outfits, jewelry, and food! Great weekend, and you were better with pictures than I was!!

  8. LOVE those earrings!

  9. I know I've probably said it before but he is the cutest little thing EVER!! Great jewelry girl!!

  10. you little one is absolutely precious and you have such cute style!
    xo Jessica

  11. What a lovely weekend, and I love the photos you made for your hubby! Your little boy is absolutely precious, and I love the belt buckle idea… How special. I just found your blog from b loved Boston, and realized you must be from around Where I grew up… Pensacola?

  12. Love the necklace accessory. So unique. That selfie is the bomb.com! Hugs to the fam.

  13. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Your father's belt buckle is so sweet <3. Those photos you gave your hubby are adorable!!

  14. The belt buckle is really very sweet. I can imagine the kind of pull between emotions the day brought.

    You are killing it in those outfits though! Love the colours!

  15. Loving all your BaubleBar jewelry! Also, that is the sweetest necklace with your dad's belt buckle. Also love your gallery wall! Thanks for linking up! xo

  16. The Brody pictures are crazy adorable. The belt buckle is such a special sentiment. You had a super busy weekend (and fun). I love the pictures you did take ;). You can rock some "daisy dukes"!

  17. Sounds like a great weekend!! I took zero pictures over Father's day weekend too- we were just too busy. Those brody pictures are too cute. How special is your dad's belt buckle- I'm glad you had something to remember him by. Love your daisy dukes- my husband refers to my short jean shorts as coochie cutters- he's so classy haha.