Brody's First Birthday | Wishlist

I can't believe my little man turns ONE this week!!!! 
Brody First Birthday Wishlist

Beaba Utensils: Perfect mini utensils for Brody when he starts feeding himself
Gas N Go Mower:  He loves to push things around all over the house, so this little lawn mower would be perfect for him to push outside.  
Polar Bear Board Book:  His favorite book is Brown Bear and I think he would love all the other books in the series.  He loves the pictures and colors in the books. 
Hape Tool Box:  I've become a huge fan of all the Hape toys.  I love that they are wooden and they look good around the house plus Brody loves them already.  He got this kitchen as an early birthday present and plays with it all the time. 
Glass Snack Containers: These containers are great for small snacks on the go or also perfect for the freezer.
Skiphop Whale Cover:  Brody loves to try and stand up in the bathtub and it makes me so nervous that he's going to fall on the faucet.  This rubber whale is the perfect solution.
Laugh and Learn iPad Case: This case is perfect to protect the iPad when he's watching Mickey Mouse and later when he starts playing games. 
Hape Play Cube: A great activity cube to keep him occupied with lots of different functions! 

It mostly feels like the kid doesn't need a thing because the truth is, they love to play with everything that is not a toy anyway.  They want boxes and real remote controls and phones and computers and everything they shouldn't have.  But, the good toys do keep him occupied from time to time and those moments are precious and make for a happy Mama and Daddy!!! 

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  1. Aw! I can't wait to see what you do for his birthday! Ilove those little utencils and the little tool box! Who knew they made ipad cases for babies!! That's amazing!

  2. The whale faucet cover is so cute!

  3. Great list - stuff to use, play with and read!

  4. Going to have to steal some of these ideas! We have that lawn mower and it's a huge hit! Miller is obsessed with it so you need to get one from Brody. We have the skiphop spout cover- I think ours might be a duck but it helps so much because Miller stands up in the tub all the time so I'm not freaking out about him hitting his head.