Thoughts for Thursday

+ First, I want to thank all of you for your sweet comments yesterday on my first "selfies" post.  That was definitely out of my comfort zone, but a lot of fun to do!  Ya'll sure know how to make a girl feel good! 

+ I haven't worn Lilly Pulitzer since college and slowly let each piece drift out of my closet and into the goodwill piles, but I am now becoming obsessed again! What is it??  I live in Florida again and I think that is part of it, but I also think they must be doing a great job of designing beautifully colored pieces without screaming "Lilly."  I want it back in my closet.  STAT. 

+ I made two new recipes this week and they were both easy and delicious.  We had this Chicken Chickpea chopped salad and this Brie and Beef Quesadilla (thanks Mo) with a side of esquires corn.  Yummy and husband approved!  

+  The new recipes above was part of my "feeling refreshed and energized" after our relaxing vacation.  I came home ready to knock shit out and get shit done...so I meal-planned :)

+ I feel a little bad that when Matt and I left town Brody was not completely himself as he had been sick, but then starting cutting 2 more teeth.  I was secretly glad I was gone during this time because teething is a beeeatch.  Poor grandmas...  By the time we got home, he was completely better and the teeth cut through!

+ We are getting better and better with our finger foods around here and Brody's appetite has come back with a vengeance since his sickness.  I have noticed that he is using is left hand almost all the time for picking up food.  Neither Matt or I are lefties and really no one in our families are either...I wonder if it means Brody will be a leftie.  

+  I'm on my way to New Orleans today to visit my Momma and some friends and I couldn't be more excited.  Brody and I haven't been there since he was 2 months old which is far too long!  We have a few fun things planned and I'm hoping to slice out some time to take Brody to the Audubon Zoo.

Have a great weekend!!! 


  1. Hope you have a blast in Nola and you should do fashion posts on the reg!

  2. Have fun in New Orleans Love! BTW...I agree with you on the Lilly! I own ONE tunic (after a closet full in college) and i find myself wandering to their website again every once in a while. Intriguing....

  3. Lilly has really stepped up their game lately! The patterns this past year have been so much better and the cuts of their shirts and dresses are much more flattering than the older items. I might need to try both of those recipes- I'm trying to be better about cooking and meal planning. Miller is teething right now and so not himself- it's awful! I cannot wait until this tooth or teeth cut through, I miss my sweet little baby. Have fun in New Orleans!

  4. hahah I love that you meal planned when you felt like getting shit done! That would be something I would do. I hate meal planning though.