Scenes From Our Weekend : Rosemary Beach

This weekend we headed two hours east of our hometown to a little beach called Rosemary.  It was our friends 30th birthday party and they planned a spectacular weekend for five couples to attend the annual Rosemary Beach Wine Festival.  

We arrived Friday evening and they had reservations for all of us at this amazing restaurant called Paradis.  The food was incredible and the atmosphere was perfect.  They even had the cutest decorations for Halloween outside which made for the perfect photo ops.  

The girls

On our way to too much fun already...

The birthday girl

After our dinner, we tried one bar for a night cap; but they already called for "last call" so we headed home for a competitive game of Jenga.

Saturday morning we started with breakfast and mimosas.  The girls enjoyed ourselves outside on the beauitful balcony's and the boys parked themselves in front of ESPN game day and football for the morning.  

The festival started at 2pm, so we walked into town a little before that and then got our wristbands and were ready to guzzle sip some good wine and eat yummy food. 

One of the booths had this amazing pumpkin spice vodka.  They mixed it with equal parts vodka to apple cider and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD.  They also made a pecan vodka that they mixed with Coke, but none of us cared for that at all.  Do yourself a favor and find that pumpkin spice vodka for your family at Thanksgiving.  They will love you.

This was just weird...And I had to take a picture.  She was lying outside of the sushi restaurant that was participating in the festival and smiling and swinging her little mermaid tail.  Our birthday girl was not impressed at all and refused any pictures with this crazy mermaid.

A look down main street of this adorable town.  We felt like we were in Europe...


We probably should have been bringing ourselves home about this time...

All and all, it was the perfect weekend.  

Great food, great wine, and great friends!!

Oh, and did I mention that I left my precious baby boy at home for the first time??  Well we did.  And I did great, Matt did great and the Grandmother's did great as babysitters.  He looked entirely too grown up when I got home and he was cuter and sweeter than ever and I'm not sure he even knew I was gone.  I hope babies are like dogs where they have no concept of time that has elapsed...because it didn't seem to phase him a bit :)

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  1. What a fun weekend! That street/town looks so charming. Who wouldn't want to sip wine and stroll along?! Your baby boy is absolutely precious too!

    1. Thanks Tara! It was such a quaint little city and so much fun "sipping and seeing."

  2. Looks like you had an awesome weekend! That pumpkin vodka with cider sounds amazing!!

  3. Pumpkin spice vodka!? Seriously!? I'm googling it now! Such a perfect Thanksgiving cocktail.

    1. Yes! It comes out of Mississippi and is so worth tracking down if you can!

  4. Aww, leaving the babe home for the first time is hard... especially when you realize they didn't even notice you were gone! But it's always nice to get away for a little bit!

    1. Yes, it was a wonderful getaway and I am so happy that we did it!