Five on Friday

{One} Splendid Boots and Spanx Leggings Review :  Both of these items were purchased from Shopbop and came this week and I absolutely love them.  The boots have a perfect size heel for me and a wide opening at the ankles that makes it easy to wear them with skinny jeans or leggings and adorable  with a cute dress for the Fall.  
The leggings are a really tight fit as Spanx is known for and sucks you in soooo well.  I am so pleased with the quality and the fit.  They have a thick waste band at the top that truly holds the muffin top in so tightly and helps postpartum women like myself!   These will definitely be my go-to leggings this fall. 

{Two}  Halloween House Tour over at Jenny Collier's Blog - I love the way she decorated her home for Halloween.  The candy bar turned out so cute.  The sisters over at Eighteen25 are having a Halloween Link Up party for anyone that has a post on great Halloween crafts or decor!

{Three}  4Moms announces the Rockaroo making its appearance in early 2014.   The Rockaroo will resemble the old fashion swing more than their current Momaroo and will have a better price tag ranging from $159-$179.  I have to say, I'm a little jealous, because our Momaroo didn't end up satisfying Brody past about 3 weeks old.  I was then hoping that he would get a little older and like it more again, but he's 3.5 months now and no such luck.  He loves his swing though, so hopefully this product will be an improvement.  

{Four} Lucie's List is the ultimate blog for new moms.  Follow her on Facebook here and sign up for her emails here.  It is wonderful for the Moms-to-be as she has great pregnancy updates, amazing reviews on the 173489320 baby products in this world (why am I not in the baby gadget making industry??), postpartum help and breastfeeding tips.  Go to her facebook page today for all of her posts from the ABCKids13 event in Las Vegas that debuted all the crazy new equipment coming in 2014 that makes a Mom who just had a baby very jealous already.  Not really....but it could. 

{Five}  Rosemary Beach Food and Wine Festival is this weekend and Matt and I are headed down there to celebrate a friends 30th birthday WITHOUT the baby.  I'm nervous and excited all in one breath!  I can't wait to enjoy Rosemary Beach for a weekend, but this will be the first time leaving baby Brody and I know it will be sooooo hard. He is in good hands and it is such a wonderful opportunity for Matt and I to enjoy a weekend together, but not be too far from home!  Pray for us :)

Any advice for leaving your baby for this first time???????


  1. Loving the blog recommends on here - thanks for sharing! And the wine weekend looks like so much fun! Have a great one!

  2. Remember Annie...the greatest gift we can give our children is a healthy marriage. We need time with each other because we often forget to put our spouse before our child[ren]. Take advantage of this weekend to re-charge and be with Matt. Enjoy your friends AND sleeping in/soundly. Brody will be fine and it will make seeing him on Sunday even better!

    1. Absolutely so true. I am definitely looking forward to sleeping in (hopefully I still can) and having quality time with Matt. Life has been so busy the last few months that it is time for us to slow down and re-charge!!

  3. That beach looks amazing and love the boots!

    Stopping by from the link up

  4. You will have a wonderful time! We just left our 2.5 year old for an overnight last weekend to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We got to talk over the phone but maybe Facetime would work better in your case :) And beinging back a gift seems to ease parent anxiety. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the product review! Hope you had a great weekend. I am SOOOO jealous of the Rockaroo. Like Brody, Jack didn't like the mamaroo much after the sleepy newborn phase, but he still loves his swing and bouncer. I was majorly disappointed in it.