Decorating the Family, Dining and Master Bedroom

Since I started shopping for the new home, I always snap pictures of furniture I like along the way.   I compile all these pictures in an album on my iPhone called home decor to keep them organized.

The other day I was going through them all and putting together my dream collage for several different rooms in the new house.  I used the collage app on my iPhone and had fun putting them together and trying to make them pretty.

The Master Bedroom

Our closet is a nice size but not huge, so I want to use dressers as nightstands for each side of the bed.  I'm hoping to be able to have some type of seating at the end of our bed that will be in front of the TV, but I'm not sure that we will have enough space.  We also have one wall that a tall bookshelf would look nice and bring some height into the room.   So far, all I have purchased is that beautiful king size bed that I am so excited about.  It's hard to see the color in that picture, but it is a pretty blue/gray.

The Family Room
I was really hoping to have room for 2 couches in our family room because I really love the idea of having a "his" and "hers" sofa, but we really just don't have the space.  Instead we are going to have one sofa and four chairs.  All four of the chairs will swivel so they can either face towards the couch to visit with people or swivel to watch TV.  I'm a bit anxious to see everything that I picked out all together in the space.  Above are similar styles to what I ordered, but different in color.  

The Dining Room

We wanted a round table really really badly for our new house.  But, we have compromised for a semi-oval shaped table due to space.  The photo above is similar to what ours will look like but it won't have that light colored band around the outside edge that you see there.  We will do some upholstered chairs in a neutral color and I have room for a buffet, but haven't picked one out yet.  

Besides these rooms and our office, the rest of the house will pretty much be furnished with things we already own.  It has been so much fun looking around and shopping for new furniture, but also difficult to try and time everything just right.  I know there will be plenty of accessories we will end up needing for the house and I know we will also need to purchase some rugs, but I probably won't do any of that until we are moved in.  

However, I did make a trip to HomeGoods yesterday and I can't wait to show ya'll some of my finds there.  I could not resist picking up a few things and already found a cheap alternative to the lamp from my office design board along with a few other savvy deals.  


  1. I love all of your furniture choices. It is so easy to change your accessories for the seasons when you go neutral like that. Can't wait to see it all come together!

    1. Thanks Emily. I look forward to seeing how things go with your house as well! It's a bit stressful building a house, but certainly a lot of fun too.