Five on Friday : Home Decor Edition

Good things are happening at the new house lately.  It has me very excited for picking out all the pretty things to go in it.  I rounded up a few pictures and would love some feedback from yall on some of them.  

{One}  Wine Barrel Side Tables 

 We ordered a wine barrel a few months ago to try and use in our wine cellar and it wasn't exactly what we wanted, so we decided we would cut it in half and use them as side tables in the man cave.  I found this picture over at centsational girl and love the way she used them in her outdoor area.

{Two}  Tufted Linen Coffee Tables

I'm looking for a coffee table in our new house that will be kid friendly.  I like the look of the square one and the storage space below, but I'm afraid the corners could still be dangerous for a mobile child.  Which table do you like better and if you have kids, do you think the square one is safe enough??

Square Tufted Coffee Table //   Round Tufted Linen Coffee Table

{Three} Painted brick and what color shutters???

Do you like the gray, tan, black or brown shutters with the cream colored painted brick??

{Four} Family Room Layouts

Our family room will be centered around the fireplace with a TV about it.  Which one of these set-ups do you like the best for a family room???

{Five}  My little man is 3 months old today! Best 3 months ever.  He gets cuter and sweeter every day!


  1. I love the tan shutters and dark doors, but the black if the shutters and doors are the same color. :)) And I like the third set up... lots of seating (we love to entertain) how fun is this post!

  2. love picking house stuff!! its the best part :) I think I like the round ottoman. safer and will break up all the straight lines in all the other furniture! and I like the 2nd shutter option, tan on white brick. and the 3rd seating option!! I do like the 2nd seating option how the built ins are a different color than the fireplace, add a lot of dimension!