Baby Brody : 3 Months

Weight: We don't go back to the pediatrician until 4 months, so I don't know your exact weight but would guess about 15lbs.  

Clothes:  Size 2 diapers and clothes range from 3 months to 12 months.  You are definitely long waisted so you are already wearing some of your 12 mo size bubbles.

Sleep:  We have been so lucky this month as you have been sleeping through the night (10-12 hours) every night since you turned 2 months old.  You take a great morning nap, but not always a great one in the afternoon...that can make for a fussy evening sometimes, but you go to bed early.  Between 7pm and 8pm.  You are beginning to really break out of my extra tight swaddles which I imagine we will start weaning you off of soon.

  • blowing bubbles
  • your playmat
  • lying on your changing table 
  • pulling hair 
  • your hands in your mouth
  • sitting up either in your bumbo or assisted on the sofa
  • being outside either during our walks or just in general it seems to soothe you

  •  the carseat (although you seem to be falling asleep a little more in it now)
  •  things going over your head 
  •  sometimes loud, sudden noises startle you like the dogs barking during your naps
  • the bottle...you have been fighting the bottle a lot lately 


  • rolling over from stomach to back
  • grabbing for all your toys
  • beginning stages of teething, but no teeth buds showing yet
  • laughing; it comes from the belly and is so sweet
Video of you rolling over


  • your Auntie Alex came to meet you for the first time and spend a week with you
  • Uncle Bryan saw you a lot and got some good times with you and even baby sat you for 20 min while Mom went for a run
  • Elizabeth came back in town from Australia again and got to hold you some more and feed you
  • And you got lots more time with your LeeLee this month who came back from Colorado for awhile

Ready for the Gator game...

Amelia Kate (6 weeks) and Brody (3 months)

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