Scenes from Our Weekend

 Last week was a great week and definitely a bit busy.  Things were back on track.  I wanted to thank everyone that left the sweetest comments from my post from last week.  You girls made my day and made me feel good about sharing it :)  

I left on Thursday to go down to St. Petersburg, FL for one night.   Before I scooted out the door, I noticed that me and Madelyn were matching; so of course I had to snap a picture! 

I have two wonderful friends that live down there and was able to visit with.   I made the trip to knock out some wedding planning with the one on the right and we were able to accomplish a ton in a short period of time!  We had a fun dinner together and were able to reminisce on old times.   Have I mentioned that it makes me cry some times to think it's almost been 10 years since I graduated college??  Those were some damn good years. 

After too much wine, we indulged in this amazingness here.  Tomato Basil soup and a very fancy grilled cheese!  It was the perfect meal to gear us up for lots of bridesmaid dress shopping.  I tried on tons of dresses and we made lots of progress. 

I was home Friday evening (Matt was actually on the trip too, but he was there for business), and we had a low key night.  Saturday was spent catching up with the kiddos, running a few errands and adding a few Fall touches around the house.  I posted this picture on instagram of our our pumpkins, but I haven't added any mums yet.  I love mums so much because they make me smile, but I always kill them so fast! I'm the worst at watering my plants.  But my florist friend reminded me to stick a plate underneath with water on it, so the mum can take what it needs! That has worked well for me in the past, so I'm going to try that.

Saturday night we had plans to have dinner with some friends that were in town.  I always love getting dressed up and having a dinner date on the weekends :)

I wore this cute off the shoulder dress dress that I recently purchased because I loved the color.  It is by Amanda Uprichard who has a more expensive line, but she has a new line that is all less than $100 which I really love.

Sunday morning we all got up and moving pretty early and took the kids out to the beach for breakfast.  We packed up the sand toys and bathing suits too, so we could enjoy some time in the sand after we ate.  

It honestly the prettiest time during October to be out there.  The weather is so nice and it's amazingly calm.  It was nice to take some more time to enjoy it. 

These distressed white Rag & Bone cut offs are on sale right now for $80 if anyone is interested. They are 50% off.  I'm also wearing my favorite v-neck tee that is $20. 

We came home so Madelyn could nap and then walked from the house to the Pensacola Seafood Festival.  It's that time of year where we start to have a lot of different festivals down town.  They usually always have some live music, arts and craft booths, and a bunch of food.  It was a pretty day, so the kids enjoyed being strolled around and getting out of the house again for lunch. 

I watched the new Netflix documentary for Amanda Knox Sunday night.  Has anyone watched that yet?  I think they did a good job, but the whole thing definitely makes me sad and confused.  I remember that story well because it started right as I was graduating college.  I think there was a time where I certainly believed in her guilt, but now I'm really not sure.  It's worth a watch....

Have a great week and remember that you don't need to feel guilty for taking time out for yourself...

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  1. Mmm that tomato soup and grilled cheese had me! I love fancy grilled cheese! So glad you got in some good time with your friends, and made some progress with her wedding planning!

  2. I'm with Jenn--I was salivating over the tomato soup and fancy grilled cheese! That combination is always a win in my book! I love your pumpkins--how did you get them to stay stacked?
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Amanda Uprichard is my absolute fav but so expensive! I had no idea she had a cheaper line, that's awesome!!

  4. Oooh I love your front door wreath! I need to switch out the ribbon on our monogram hanger out there to a glittery orange so we're at least somewhat festive. Any tips you have on not killing mums, lay them at me! I hate frying mine so fast but it's inevitable. I'll have to try that plate trick -- I know my husband will be pissed if I get another mum and kill it ASAP. Also -- so jealous of your beach life; breakfast on the beach sounds SO LOVELY! Move me to Charleston stat!

    1. Yes, I think the plate trick is worth a shot. It at least helps when I go days with out remembering to water mine!

  5. The beach outside of summertime has always been my favorite - less people and such amazing weather! Looks like you had a fantastic weekend, and now I am totally craving a grilled cheese and some soup for lunch - yum!!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  6. Thanks for the PSA about the mums... I always kill mine, too! I finally just watered them yesterday after forgetting for like four or five days straight! Sigh...

  7. I love the tip about the mums! I planted ours this weekend and I'm just praying they live through Thanksgiving. I lost my green thumb when my daughter was born and my focus shifted to keeping her alive and happy! Haha! Love that dress and the color looks great on you! I am so intrigued by the Amanda Knox documentary but haven't watched it. Lovelylatteblog.com

  8. You guys are the cutest in your matching outfits! That's a great tip for the mums.. mine always die! The beach this time of the year looks like the best - cooler and quieter - sounds like a huge win!

  9. I have to copy that mum trick! Such a fun weekend and I love that there is so much to do strolling distance from you!

  10. I could go for tomato soup and grilled cheese right about now.Yum!!