Thoughts for Thursday | Fall To-Do List

Happy September, Friends!

The kids head back to school next week and I've had a growing to-do list that I hope to accomplish when they are both out of the house for a few hours, three times a week.  I have always had help during the week since Brody was born, but it has been at our house.  There is something so exciting at the thought of having a quiet house a few mornings a week to try and accomplish 1000+ tasks.

1. Madelyn's Baby Book -
 I'm so behind. I need to organize photos and fill in her monthly updates from the blog plus some photos and stats.
2. Brody's Big Boy Book -
Same as above.  I've done a decent job with his stuff, but need to update.
3. Sell My Clothes - 
I've had a stack of clothes that I have been wanting to put up for sale on the blog or on instagram for forever now.  Hopefully in September, I will get my act together.
4. Sell Baby Clothes - 
I don't have a lot of baby clothes to sell, but I wouldn't mind selling some.  I hand down clothes to my nephew and we may have another baby, but it would be nice to sell a few things to have some money to buy more :)
5. Try New Recipes-
I have been in a cooking rut lately.  I haven't really tried new recipes and I've just been lazy about it.  The summer is so easy to just throw a piece of meat on the grill and some veggies and call it a day. So I'm hoping to do better at meal planning and prepare more.
6. Organize Photos on Computer / Delete Extras / Back everything Up-
I have SOOOOO many photos on my computer it's ridiculous.  Once kids come, you have 100x pictures of the exact same moment trying to get the perfect picture.  I would really like to delete a lot of excess photos and organize what I have.  It's also been way too long since I've done a backup and would like to do that!
7. Make Family Photo book for 2015-2016 with Shutterfly-
I've been pretty good about making photo books ever since college.  I love them.  I use to scrapbook, but now I use digital books from Shutterfly.  They are so fun to look back on and great to do for family trips. I am caught up until Madelyn was born and that's as far as I have gotten.  I would also love a photo book from our trip to Rosemary Beach this summer.
8. Organize the Office-
I really love having a small space to get worked done, but I can't stand that it's a constant mess.  I've had an Apple desktop computer packed away for years now, that I'm dying to unbox and put on my desk.  The problem is that I have to clear and organize the desk first.  Hoping to get to that this Fall too.
9. Compile a Family Video starting when Brody was Born-
Am I like the rest of you where we have all these tiny clips of videos between our phones and our computers and we've done absolutely nothing with them??  I'm hoping to to figure out a way to compile all my videos since the kids were born and make a cool video with it.
10. Blog Makeover-
I've had a vision in my head for awhile now of what I want my blog to look like, but I haven't put the time or money into yet to do it.  I've talked to a few companies now that can help me and I need to just bite the bullet and get it done!

What are you hoping to accomplish this Fall???

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  1. Soooo many things are getting done this fall and I cannot WAIT! #nesting! Try iMovie, I just made a video using it and it was super easy. Wait 5 weeks before you sell all those baby clothes, I want first dibs on buying once I know the gender!!! ;)

  2. I can relate to your organizing photo goal.I took two big vacations this past summer and getting my photos off of my computer and downloaded to walgreens photo and fB is my priority. I need to make photo albums.

  3. I need to do Leo's baby book like yesterday! I want it out at his borthday

  4. I am with you on making all the photo books! Those are definitely on my to-do list too!

  5. I cannot believe it is September already! I need to basically copy your list point by point and do the exact same, totally ok to do right? ;)

  6. I have so many goals and got few of them done in August and as a sub well you know the phone has been ringing and dinging and I keep my grandsons several days a week BUT I am hoping to have one day a week to keep working through my goals. It's hard to believe it is September and it will be Christmas before we know it.

  7. Girl, this is ambitious! It would take me months to do all of the things that you just listed! Haha.

  8. Good luck!!! Organizing and backing up photos is on my list of items for this month, too!