Scenes from Our Weekend | Labor Day

Happy Day friends!! I feel like today turns over a new leaf or unofficially brings us into a new season!  My kids don't start school until tomorrow, but it just feels like were starting a new chapter.  

We had a very chill Labor Day Weekend really.  We decided to stay home and hang out because there was going to be rain all around us.  We had some rain here too which made for the chill weekend.   We had plans for my MIL to come over Friday afternoon and hang with the kids for a bit and babysit that night while we met some friends for dinner.  

I was in desperate need to run to the grocery store Friday because I hadn't been most of the week, so I decided I could get everything I needed at Target.  I was excited to browse the aisles of Target alone because it had actually been a few weeks since I had been which is a lifetime for me! I'm obsessed with these J. Crew Factory Boardwalk shorts.  They have them in Navy and army Green right now and I think they are perfect to wear into Fall. 

Boardwalk Pull-On Shorts | Embroidered Tank (similar) | Sandals 

When I was browsing the aisles of Target, I realized that Madelyn's first birthday is right around the corner and I really have no idea what to get her! I'm kind of all about her just playing with the toys we already have from Brody and now that her and Brody are enjoying playing together a bit, it's really fun.  However, she does deserve a few girly toys of her own. 

Can you guys send some recommendations my way for girly toys for a one year old???

I thought this was cute because I think Brody would have fun doing it with her. 

Every little girl deserves a baby doll and stroller set in my opinion...

After my Target adventures, it was time to get home and get dressed.  I wore this off the shoulder dress which I got on major sale, but is only available in very few sizes.  I didn't love the longer length on me, so I shortened mine up a bit with some fashion tape :)

Saturday it was football day and we didn't do much of anything during the day and that night we were having people over to kick off the football season!! I snagged a cute photo of all my Gator family that I loved  :) Except for I can no longer get Brody to look at the camera anymore!

I made chicken drummers that were a total bust in my opinion, so I'm not even going to share the recipe with you! 

I made this awesome new dip that was totally devoured and I will share this one with you!! I would definitely say that it will be added to my dip arsenal. 

And I also made a simple caprese dip with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil.  I found it to have good flavor, but was really watery even though I let the tomatoes soak on paper towels. 

The kiddos! 

What it really looked like trying to get a picture of all the kids!!! 

My little Gator girl

Monday we went out to breakfast with the kids and then took them to the bounce house for a bit to run out some energy.  It actually ended up being a pretty day, but we thought we were going to get more rain.  

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!! Bring on the Fall and all the holidays!


  1. What a fun holiday weekend with the kiddos! That dip looks so good! Can't wait for the recipe! And I love a good target trip!

  2. Oh my! That's a great picture of all the kids! That's always so hard to do!! I'm jealous of your target run alone haha xo

  3. Such a fun weekend! Excited for that dip recipe too!

  4. You looked so cute all weekend long! And - please explain what that dual crock pot machine thingy is???!!

  5. I'm with you - today feels like a new chapter to the year!! Please share that dip recipe, I'm a dip addict!!

  6. Nice media room! It's like every football fans dream!

  7. The little Florida Gator outfits are too cute! But that media room of yours? Swoon! That looks like the perfect place to enjoy football games in the fall :)

  8. Where did you get the Gators dress for Madelyn? So adorable!