Scenes from Our Weekend

This weekend was the first in awhile when we had absolutely zero plans on the books.  We have had a pretty busy few weeks, so we were happy to just have a chill weekend at home.

But you know when you feel like everything you try to do just goes wrong?? Well that's kind of how this weekend felt.  Brody was still a bit under the weather from a little summer cold he caught and so we really couldn't do anything with other kids.  I go stir-crazy being in the house all day with both kids (and so do they), so we tried to plan something for each day.  Saturday we were headed to the pool and Sunday we were going to take a boat ride.  Guess what?  It rained and lightening on us both times!  Just little scattered summer showers that pop up from no where and only last a few minutes typically, but it's just long enough to scare us out of the water!! So our efforts of packing and loading up the kids were quickly squashed!

Overall, we still made the best of it and it turned out to be a nice little family weekend :) 

Brody graduated from his ISR swim lessons on Friday! He did awesome.

Friday night chillin'

Saturday morning crib fun!
artwork | crib

We made it to the pool!

Sunday headed to my Mom's

Storm came rolling in just as we had the boat packed up!
Monterey Tank Dress | Sunnies 

So we waited for the storm to leave and decided to swim instead of boat...
doughnut float
Thomas the train fun with both kids. 

Home too late for a nap, so I sat him down with a movie and ten minutes later found this :)

Cheers to the end of a weekend. Popsicles for everyone! 

I was really late getting my post up Friday, but did finally publish one.  I wanted to run a blog ad sale for the month of August, but then decided I would love to do a button swap with some of you.  So if you are interested in swapping blog buttons for the month, send me an email at annieamalone@gmail.com

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  1. It's a bummer about the storms, but it looks like you still had fun anyway! I love every float you have down to that awesome flamingo!!

  2. Madelyn was killing the fashion game this weekend!!!! I can't stand all of the packing and unpacking for just a one hour trip out of the house, but at least it got you out!!! Happy Monday!

  3. Would you mind sharing the source of Madelyn's crib again? I tried clicking on the link but it led to her beautiful artwork instead. Love your blog!

    1. I'm sorry about that. It is fixed now :) Thank you for the heads up.

  4. It stinks about the storms but at least you guys got in some good pool time! I love a good quiet weekend - we're finally going to have one this weekend and I'm already looking forward to it!

  5. It stinks that the storms kept popping up at bad times! But they still looked pretty happy with those popsicles!

  6. What a nice weekend, even with the storms. Love that donut float!! Xo

  7. I love a weekend at home with no plans! Look at those sweet babies <3