What I Bought from the #NSALE

So, I'm sad that it seems like 9 million items are already sold out from the Nordstrom Sale.  Is everyone else having this problem???   It's ridiculous.  My items did arrive quickly; so of course, I had to try them all on and snapped a few very (un-fancy) photos :) I'm sorry if some items are sold out!

Here ya go...
 Outfit One :: Cardigan {similar // similar} // T-Shirt {similar} // Bootcut Jeans // Boots
Outfit Two :: T-Shirt {similar} {similar} // Cardigan {holdout, similar} // Jeans // Boots // Hat

Bootcut Jeans :: I can not say enough about these bootcut jeans.  They are amazing and I'm pretty happy they are coming back in style.  The fit is awesome and I think they are super flattering. They still have all sizes available too!!

Boots :: I love these booties so much.  You will see full view below.  They are a great size heel and are cute with bootcut jeans, skinny jeans, dresses and shorts.

Hat :: I might actually start becoming a hat gal.  I've notice that I became more of one this summer and I'm loving some of these fall looks too. They are so great to make an outfit come together and the best to hide the days that I've run out of dry shampoo :)

Outfit One: Dress // Booties
Outfit Two: V-Neck Blouse  {similar} // Cardigan {similar // similar} // Jeans // Booties // Hat

Dress :  I was worried about this dress being too short when I ordered it, so I did order up a size and I'm glad I did.  I like the looser fit and that it's not too short!

V-Neck Blouse :  I don't love this Lush blouse as much as I loved the long tunic style one from last year, but it is still cute.  It's just a little shorter and I prefer something that covers up my big bum! 

J Brand Distressed Jeans :  I love these jeans with a nice mid rise and the cutest fringe at the bottom.  I really look best in these pants when I have a longer tunic or sweater that I wear with it.  I also like them best with some tall boots to help even things out.  These cute boots are on the way to me and I can't wait to try them on together.

Outfit One: V-Neck Tunic //  Jeans // Pump
Outfit Two: T-Shirt // Bootcut Jeans // Pump // Hat

V-Neck Tunic :: I really like this tunic and maybe would have even liked it one size bigger, but I kept it like it is.  This blue is always my favorite color.

High-Low T-Shirt :: This shirt is so cute and so soft!! I can't recommend it enough.  You will see it in the stripes down below and now I'm wishing I got even more colors.  I love the way it covers more in the back.

Pumps :: These pumps are awesome because they are not too high (which I love) and they have a cute spike detail on the back.  They come in lots of great colors and have TONS of sizes left.  Only $69!

Outfit One: Cardigan {similar // similar} // T-Shirt {similar}  // Jeans  // Booties // Hat
Outfit Two: Dress // Cardigan {similar // similar} // Booties
Outfit 1 :: Shirt  {longsleeve} // Jeans 
Outfit 2 :: Shirt // Shorts // Glasses

Glasses :: I love these little sunnies A LOT.  The pink is so cute and the rounded shape makes them retro and fun.  They have lots of different color options too if you don't like pink.

Please excuse the super cheesy face I'm making.  Brody actually took that picture and I thought it was funny!

Well, good for you if you made it to the end of this post.   And if you don't give a shit about Fall clothing yet, I totally get it!  I wasn't really up for it until they arrived at my door step either :)

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  1. You are the cutest! I love the pic of you and Madelyn! I don't have Jean cut offs, I love them on you!

  2. You scored girl! I love everything you bought and I love the entire color palette of it all!

  3. My fave is the picture Brody took..you look adorable! I was so excited about those paige jeans until I realized I somehow managed to order a petite..WTH..I am far from that! Thankfully they still had my size so another is on the way. Definitely disappointed how fast everything sold out this year. You got some great stuff girl!