Scenes from Our Weekend

We had another beautiful weekend here and made it to a few celebrations.  My cousin and her kids were in town from Colorado this week, so we got to see them on Friday and let the kids swim and play together.  It's also so nice to have big kids around.  They are so sweet and are so good at entertaining Brody. 

On Saturday, I went to a gorgeous baby shower for my friend, Kym.  She's such a glowing Mama-to-be and I can't wait for their addition! 

I had a little helper as I was trying to snap a selfie before I left the house!  I'm pretty obsessed with this little white dress.  I love the way they did the ruffle on it and the linen material makes it so comfortable.

Sunglasses {on major sale} | Crossbody Bag {old, but lots of cute styles 30% off right now}

On Sunday, we got the gang ready for church {which we definitely don't do enough} and headed out the door for a baptism.  Our friends baptized their sweet little boy and had a beautiful lunch to follow.  Brody was happy because he got to change into his swimsuit, beat the heat, and hop in the pool!

After naps, we surprised Brody and Mom and Dad took just him to go see Finding Dory.  He was so excited to go see his first movie.  We got there a little early, but he was happy to play all the arcade games.  He got to pick out one snack and  we had some popcorn.  That stuff seemed to entertain him for a while and we made it in the theater for about 1.5 hours, but that included the 20+ minutes of previews.  So we left without seeing the end of Dory, but next time we will know not to show up for the previews!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!! xoxo.

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  1. I really want to see Finding Dory and haven't made it over yet! Looks like a great weekend!

  2. Looks like such a great weekend!! You always have the most adorable dresses - I love the little white dress. Looks like you could definitely dress up or down and would be nice and cool in the summer heat!

  3. I love your dress ! Looks like your weekend was wonderful.

  4. That white dress is so cute! Perfect for a celebration

  5. You look gorgeous in that dress! I love your little photo bomber :)

  6. So many babies on the way! So fun! I love that white off the shoulder dress! I also love your Lily dress in the last pic! ;)

  7. The previews KILL me - I really think they could do without them in the kids movies, lol! We took Caleb to The Secret Life of Pets on Saturday, and he made it through the whole thing, but just barely, lol. We will be skipping previews next time too:)