Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale Picks | #NSALE

promise I am not trying to wish away Summer today because it is truly my favorite season of all!  Boats, beach time and afternoon swim sessions are pretty much my love language.  It's been even better this year as it seems like the first Summer in about 3 years that I haven't been pregnant :)  Holy hot!!!

However, I can't help myself but peek at the "oh so famous" Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale.   They do something that no other retailers tap into...they put brand new Fall clothes on sale for a limited time (3 weeks) for customers to purchase before they mark the clothes back up to their retail price (August 8th).   This Friday they will open up the sale to everyone; but for now, you must have a Nordstrom's credit or debit card to shop.   Either way, you can browse the anniversary sale items this week! 

I love Nordstrom's anytime during the year because their Free Shipping & Free Returns policy is a must for me because I don't have the luxury of being able to shop in a brick & mortar store.  We' don't have a Nordstrom's here, so online is my only option.  I scoured the website to find my favorite picks or this season.   Here is a look at my favorites:

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Open Front Cardigan - I love the longer cardigans that cover up the bum because you can wear them with leggings in the winter and not feel bad about it. 
Lace Up Shirt Dress -  Cute dress to wear now and carry into Fall.
Ankle Skinny Jeans - I love this sale for picking up a couple new pair of jeans.  I like the distressed look right now too. 
Black Distressed Jeans - Black jeans are needed for Fall
Kathleen Peep Toe Bootie- There are lots of cute booties in the sale and it's tough to pick a favorite, but I thought these peep-toes were really cute. 
Large RM Tassel Satchel - I've always had my eye on this satchel and so happy it's included in the sale. 
Autumn Blanket Scarf- I purchased this scarf last year and got so many compliments!
Split Neck Tunic- This blue is my favorite color but it comes in lots of different colors you can choose from. 
Seamed Crepe Shift Dress - Great work dress or lady who lunches ;-) 
Hunter Short Rain Boot - Short rain boots are so cute too!
Frye Melissa Button Boots- Frye makes an amazing boot and the sale price on this is to-die-for. 
V-Neck Crepe Blouse- perfect blouse for Fall with lots of color options. 
Manhattan Boot Cut Jeans- My husband will be happy to know that boot cut jeans are making a come back.  They definitely help even out my big hips too :)

Longchamp Expandable Tote - These are the best bags all around, but I love this one because you can unzip that center zipper for it to expand into larger bag!
Leonard II Round Glasses- these are in my shopping cart and I love the look so much. It's more retro than my typical style, but I love them. 
TB Leather Crossbody -  Her cross bodies never get old to me.  It also comes in a burgundy color that I adore. 
Ruffle Trim Cardigan - those ruffles...
Kate Spade Watch - This watch has a strand of silver, gold and rose gold which I love.  I'm on the hunt for a new watch. 
Wide Brim Wool Fedora- I will be purchasing this one as I love the neutral color and a great way to hide a bad hair day :)
Tory Burch Ashlynn Riding Boots - These also come in brown and they are the best.  This sale price is amazing! 
Knit Drape Faux Leather Jacket- I have a jacket similiar to this, but I love how this one has the draped look. 
Pointelle Panel Sweater - I love the sleeves on this sweater and how cute it looks with a simple pair of jeans. 
Thalia Crossbody {less than $50} - I love this color and looks just like the expensive Chloe bag that runs for around 2k. 
Hunter Boot Refined // This is also available in Navy which I love.  I own a pair in red and would love a neutral color too.  Size down in these as they do run large.

Here are a few other of my favorite items from the sale:

What are your favorite items to pick up during the Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale?? Do you like to shop this Sale or is it far too early for you to think about your Fall wardrobe??

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  2. So many cute things! Too much to choose from! I got in trouble with this sale last year hah

  3. Gosh this is my favourite sale of the year... I spend way too much! I love that blue tunic.

  4. I feel you on loving summer, and not being pregnant for this one :) So many great finds! I missed out on the early access so I'll be checking things out on Friday. So hard to decide when there's so many great finds! Beautifully Candid

  5. shout out to not being pregnant this summer!!! But, I'm right there with you on the fall lusting. Every year after the 4th of July, my heart starts to see the fall looming in the distance and I just can't help but get excited!

  6. i have my eyes on ALL the fall things too! cute picks! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. I picked up that pink dress, but in pine - I LOVED the pink, but couldn't see myself wearing it too work!

  8. I love your picks! You found some amazing, classic versatile pieces! I especially love the Chloe look alike bag!

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