Blogger Spotlight | Interview with Natalie Mason of Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers

I am so excited to share a little something different with you girls today.  I always love reading more about each of the authors behind the blogs that I read.  I think we all do.  So today I have a special guest here to share a little bit about herself, her blog and how she runs her day to day life! 

Meet Natalie of Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers.  

Natalie's blog was one of the first blogs I began reading 4 years ago.  I'm pretty sure I've read it almost every day since!  Her son was only two when I started reading and now he's six.  It's hard to believe how fast time is passing.   Natalie couldn't be sweeter and I'm pretty sure if I hired her as my personal chef, I could lose that last 10 pounds I'm dying to get rid of.  But then maybe not, because we would probably be drinking a bottle of wine together too! Natalie has fabulous style and does an amazing job of keeping it real on her blog which is why I love her most.  

Let's get into the questions.  It's a little bit about her, her family, and her tricks to running a successful blog. 

1) In just a few months, you will have been blogging for 6 years. Can you believe that? What made you start Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers?

Crazy right?? I can’t believe it has been 6 years. Time flies!
I started my blog right after Sterling (my son) was born. I had been working as an architectural rep and was laid off right before I had him because of the economy. I found myself as a new mom with no job and I wanted a creative outlet.

2) I know you have learned a lot about blogging over the last several years and you have done an amazing job captivating a large audience. What has helped make you a successful blogger?

I think to become a successful blogger the key is to be consistent and post everyday. People like consistency. It is also important to interact with other bloggers. Commenting on other blogs and instagram really helps to build relationships with other bloggers which in turn helps get your name out there and your blog to grow. Also stay true to yourself. It is easy to get caught up comparing yourself to other’s and trying to mimic their blogs or styles. I try my best to stay true to myself. I knew from the beginning when I started my blog I wanted it to be place for people to come for a wide variety of things from fashion, to family, to food and real life. Many blogs have become strictly fashion because that is where the money is but I try hard to stay authentic to the reason I started my blog. Also you have to grow tough skin. As your blog grows there will be people who will judge you and try to make you feel bad about your success or yourself. You just have to brush off the negativity, ignore it and keep your head high! 

3) You consistently post 6 days a week (which totally amazes me) and you never miss a day unless you give your readers a heads up ahead of time. How do you do it and what time of day do you typically like to write your posts? 

I look at my blog as a job now that it has become lucrative and I try really hard to be consistent. Plus I truly enjoy it and look forward to posting new content. I typically get up before the kids around 5:30 and work, then I work again while Frances naps and again after they are in bed. It is an all day effort to finish a post:)

4) Do you keep a blog planner or calendar and plan your posts out ahead of time or do you typically pick your topics the day before you post?

I am the worst about pre planning my blog. I do keep a notebook where I jot down post ideas that come to me along with reader requests. I try to stick to a loose schedule like on Mondays I always share Scenes from our Weekends, Wednesdays are usually a recipe and Saturdays if I post are weekend deals. That gives me a few days where I don't have to think too hard about it. 

5) You obviously love to read and seem to go through several books per month. When do you find time to do this? I feel as a blogger it's easy to get caught up reading other blogs or scrolling through social media rather than picking up a good book.

I totally go through phases with reading but I am a total book worm at heart. I do try and get in bed around 9 or 9:30 and turn off the tv and just read. I sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep and I find turning off the tv and reading helps me relax and unwind. Plus I love a good book!

6) I just had my second child and still feel like I'm trying to get a good grip on this new dynamic (#gamechanger}. What are your best tips for adjusting from one child to two?? 

Going from one to two kids is such a game changer. My best advice is be patient. It takes time to get in a routinue and good schedule with two kids. Don't beat yourself up. I did this alot after I had Frances worrying about Sterling getting enough attention. It all works out. Two kids is a juggling act and all you can do is give it your best- oh and wine at the end of the day helps too:)

7) One of my favorite posts you wrote was your thoughts on having a third child. So many areas of this post resonated with me. Have your feelings changed any over the last year? 

I wish they had but I still feel the same. Part of me really wants another child and part of me is terrified about adding another child to the mix. I didn’t love being pregnant but man that day when you deliver your babies, there is nothing like it. It is the most magical thing meeting your child for the first time. I yearn to experience that again. Since I am now 35 and they consider that “advanced maternal age” (I mean really I am not old) it scares me a bit that I am at a higher risk to have pregnancy issues and birth defects. Things are also starting to get a little easier now that both of mine are getting older and I am gaining a little more time for myself! They will actually sit and play by themselves which is so nice. I can get so many things done and a newborn would be hard. My husband is pretty open about only wanting 2 so I think we are probably done. I can get my newborn fix with my nephews:)

8) You are an amazing cook and fabulous foodie, tell us your tips for planning meals and prepping food all while raising two young kids. Do you like to grocery shop daily or once for the week?

I will be honest I am not the best meal planner. I actually love going to the grocery store so I end up going once a day usually. I do have set days where I cook certain things like Wednesday is always our taco night, Friday we usually order pizza and then grill out on the weekends. Tuesdays are usually when I try out new recipes for my blog. I love to cook, I swear my happy place is in the kitchen (minus the clean up) so I look forward to creating new meals. Sundays are usually my prep day where I will make salads etc for the week to have on hand for lunch. 

9) I always love reading your obsession posts and Saturday steals. What's your method for shopping for these posts? Do you bookmark and save cute looks when you are browsing the web that week? 

Aww thank you. They are some of my favorite posts to write because I love browsing online! I frequently will make a note in my planner if I see something really cute so I remember it for the next post. But I will be honest I am usually stalking Shopbop and other sites daily looking at new releases! My UPS driver knows me well now, I have quite an addiction to online shopping. I am just thrilled I can share my finds with others!

10) What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day starts around 5:30/6 and doesn’t end til 10. I wrote a recent post HERE detailing my daily life. Nothing too exciting but I stay busy between my blog and Sterling and Frances. I am always exhausted come bedtime but I wouldn’t change a thing!!

Some of my Favorite Posts from Natalie:

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