My Birthday + Valentine's Wishlist

It's my birthday month! Hooray. I mentioned on Monday that I actually get pretty excited about February because we always end up having quite a bit going on and then we're one month closer to Spring which is really my favorite! I can't wait for Spring and Summer this year. In the meantime, here are a few thing that are on my wish list right now. It's a random collection of a few little things that I'm wanting.

My Birthday + Valentine's Day Wishlist

My Birthday + Valentine's Day Wishlist by homeofmalones featuring a birthday outfit

Pink Flamingo Drink Holder - I told you I was dreaming about summer...How adorable is this??  I'm already envisioning us in the pool or out on the boat with this adorable drink holder!
Nike Juvenate Sneaker - I've read such great reviews on these shoes and I'm in the market for some great sneakers that I can kick around in.  These are super lightweight and I love the all black.
Lake Pajamas Nightgown - I've decided to completely wipe out my current pajama drawer.  Honestly, nothing was working for me lately.  All of my flannel pajama shirts are just too short these days for me to be strutting around the house in and all my old slip gowns just don't cover the ta ta's well enough.  So I'm looking to invest in some cute and comfy jammies!
35mm Lens - I'm wanting a new lens for my camera even though I really should try and master my favorite 50mm lens first.  This is a wide angle lens which I'm looking for and it's a lot less expensive than the name brands and has great reviews.
Diptyque Roses -I love these candles and the way the jar looks for a vase or makeup holder after the candle is burnt out.
Apple Smart Battery Case - My Mom has this case and even though I thought it felt too big at first, I really love it.  My phone is always dying at the end of the day and I love that this keeps it charged.  It also uses the same iPhone charger as the iPhone 6, so you don't have to take the case off to charge. 
Donut You Love Me PJs - Does this cuteness need any explanation?? See the above comment on pajamas.

I'll always take some beautiful flowers for Valentine's day too :)   Do you own anything on my wishlist?? Tell me what you think about it. 

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  1. I'll take one of everything haha.. Love the Pijamas!!! Hope you have a wonderful February! Xo

  2. I was just thinking last night that I need to update my pajama drawer once Baby #2 arrives! I used to wear lightweight gowns, but I have the same issue: the boobs are just flailing about and it's just not cute anymore. Happy Birthday Month! :)

  3. Happy Birthday month!! I love those donut PJs too!!

  4. That pool float is AWESOME!!!! Make today work, Rachel CubicleCouture

  5. That pool float is so fun! I love my 50mm lens and the only advice I would give on the 35mm is to really research reviews on how it works with your current camera. I recently bought a lens I was really wanting by Tamron and I am not 100% positive it is functioning the way it should with my new Nikon.

  6. Happy early birthday! I am really wanting some black nikes and I think I may have to get myself that candle! Love your picks!

  7. I want to add it all to my cart! Such great finds and I hope you get them all :)

  8. I just purchased a new 35mm sigma lens yesterday and I am SO excited to get it. I have never heard of this other brand you will have to let us know how it is!

  9. You can never have too many pairs of tennis shoes!! And I feel you on the pj situation… I'm 99% of the time in one of hubs big tshirts because I have nothing cute or comfy

  10. The flamingo drink holder is on point!! I too have been wanting a 35mm. my 50mm gold rim lens is my absolute FAVE and is on my camera 99.9% of the time. I just can't make up my mind because I keep going back and forth between wanting a 35mm and a 85mm.