Children's Clothes | The Beaufort Bonnet Company

You girls know how much I love me some baby clothes, don't you??  

So it probably doesn't surprise you when I tell you that I decided to host my first trunk show this year.  

This company was founded in 2012 by a Mother of two who was gifted a beautiful baby bonnet from a boutique in Beaufort, SC.  This Louisville, Kentucky Mother instantly fell in love with the baby bonnet and started her dream of crafting an entire line of the highest quality children’s products in timeless styles.  The company's hallmark bonnet is based on a generations-old heirloom pattern from the coastal town of Beaufort, South Carolina; so despite being located in Kentucky, the company will always pay homage to Beaufort.

The line has added many beautiful styles outside the bonnets for both girls and boys and I can't wait to show all of them to you.  They are continually expanding the line with new gift ideas and a brand new pajama line that is to die for.  

I rounded up a bunch of items from the new Spring 2016 collection so you can get an idea of what the brand has to offer.  

Are you dying over this cuteness yet?

So if you live in Florida and are interested in purchasing any of these cute clothes, shoot me an email and I can let you know how I can help you.  {annieamalone@gmail.com}  

And if you live in Pensacola, here are the time's for the show:

Wednesday by appointment only
Thursday 9:30am - 12:30pm or by appointment
Friday 2pm-5pm or by appointment
Saturday 1-4pm
Sunday 1-4pm 

Appointments and Phone Orders are Welcomed! Email me for any questions. 

All images via TBBC

Have you hosted a trunk show before?  If so, what company was it for?  I would love to hear your experience and any tips you suggestions you might have for me!!! 

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  1. These pieces are adorable!! That little palm print bathing suit for boys— precious!!

  2. Oh my love for TBBC!!! How fun!! I was in communication with them a few months ago about doing some sort of blog review for them! How exciting!! xoxo

  3. I dieeee. Cannot wait for a little babe to dress in this cuteness!

  4. I love Beaufort Bonnet. The quality is great and the pieces are timeless.

  5. Gasp!! I love the bonnets!!! So cute! =)

  6. I follow them on instagram and just die over their posts!! So cute!! Might have to keep working in order to buy these clothes ;)

  7. Seriously, those strawberries are the cutest thing ever!