Scenes from Our Weekend | Santa Brunch

We had a fun-filled weekend of lots of Christmas activities this weekend!  We kicked it off at Brody's school for his party.  We I devoured some Chick-fil-A nuggets, did some cute arts and crafts and watched a little chaos for an hour or so.  

After I recouped from the kids party, it was time for a parent's night out!  We had dinner and drinks planned with our friends to celebrate the holidays.  Matt surprised us with a pretty awesome ride.  He arranged a horse and buggy pick-up from our pre-dinner drink spot to our restaurant for dinner.  It was so fun because the weather was perfect and it strolled down Palafox Street which is lined with trees dazzling in Christmas lights!! Such a romantic :)

Saturday morning we woke up and put the kids in the stroller to walk to a funeral.  This was no funeral that you might be familiar with.  Our friends Mom just passed away and she wanted her funeral to be a celebration of life.  Her first wish when she got to heaven was to run in her highest heeled shoes through cobblestone streets (she had spent her last bit of time on earth in a wheelchair).  So a Second line band was arranged to lead us all down the street celebrating her life.  It was amazing!

we wore Brody out!!

Saturday night we rallyed and headed back out to see the Santa Parade downtown.  Brody loved getting to sit on Daddy's shoulders to watch the parade!

Sunday morning it was time for one last Christmas celebration for the weekend.  We had to get ready for brunch with Santa at the Country Club.  It was fun getting all dressed up and enjoying a fun morning with Santa except the kids hated Santa.  Except Madelyn.  Madelyn was cool to let Santa hold her.  

So this was the best picture we could get.  We hated to do the family shot to get Brody in the picture.  His face says it all #completeterror!!


Hope everyone is enjoying all the festivities.  I'm trying my hardest to live in the moment and enjoy it all instead of being STRESSED!!!!!


  1. Bless… Brody is cracking me up!! So many fun Christmas things. I cannot wait to have kids, makes the holidays even more fun :) Merry Christmas friend!

  2. Madelyn is such your little mini me! Poor Santa, but I guess he's used to kids hating him! But crying Santa pictures are the best! What a sweet funeral for your friend's mom. She sounded like a woman who really enjoyed life!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  3. What a special way to celebrate someone's life! You guys look so adorable with Santa, even with Brody's get me out of here face.

  4. What a sweet weekend!! Love the carriage ride - so nice of Matt to arrange!

  5. i love all of the festive clothes! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Sounds like such a great weekend!! Love that family pictures despite Brody's pure terror. Miller hates Santa in person right now. When we talk about him at home he loves him when we see him anywhere in real life he's a total disaster! Yay for parents night out and the carriage ride. What a special way to celebrate someone's life. I really like that idea.

  7. Great pictures! What a fun weekend full of Christmas cheer. Such an amazing way to celebrate and honor someones life.