Baby Madelyn | Month Three

Three Months as of December 14th, 2015

Weight:  We haven't been to the doctor since your two month appointment, but I would guess somewhere around 14 pounds. 

Clothes: You can wear 3 to 9 month clothes and we just transitioned you to size 2 diapers.  

Sleep:  You sleep really well during the day and take an awesome (3 hours) afternoon nap in your crib when big brother is taking his nap.  At night you've been going to sleep between 8 and 8:30pm.  You wake up between 4am and 6am for a feeding and then go back to sleep until about 8:15am.  Even though I would love to get you sleeping until about 7 or 7:30 without waking up for that feeding, it's working out well for us now.  It allows me some time to get ready in the mornings with out both kids needing my immediate attention!  I think 10 hours is your longest night time stretch so far which started right after you turned 2 months old.

8:15am wake up & feed
Play time
9:30am morning nap
11am feed & play
12pm nap
2pm feed
2:30 long nap with Brody
5pm feed & play
6pm cat nap
730pm bath
8pm feed and bedtime

Health: You have had a runny nose and boogers pretty much since you were born.  A couple of weeks ago you started sounding a little bit raspy which I hated to hear.  You seem to be better now and doctor recommended steamy showers with Mama.  Those seem to help.

Crying:  Unlike your brother, you pretty much only cry when you are hungry.  You do cry in the car too which I hate.  Otherwise, you are quite the happy and easy-going baby.

Feeding:  You take 5 bottles a day and I like them to be 5 ounces but a lot of times they are only 4.  You've been exclusively breast fed to this point, but I'm pretty sure I will be introducing some formula soon to add to your bottles so you are getting some more food at each feeding.  You mostly take a bottle for each feeding. You breastfeed in the middle of the night, your first morning feeding and sometimes one other in the middle of the day if it works out well.  

+ your playmat (you can play on it for an hour at a time, its amazing)
+ your brother to talk to you
+ bathtime is your favorite
+ your swing
+ swaddle

+ getting out of the bath tub
+ clothes over your head
+ wet or poopy diapers

+ belly laughs started this month
+ sitting up in your Bumbo
+ your smiles are getting more pronounced!

Places You’ve Gone: 
+ Miami to visit your cousins (your first plane ride)

+ all your cousins, aunts and uncles on your Mama's side of the family that came in for Thanksgiving
+ friends and co-workers that came in for the Adams Homes Christmas Party

Mommy is feeling great and is back to her normal activities.  You have been such a joy and truly an easy baby.  Life with two kids is becoming the new normal even though some days are harder than others! 

Thanksgiving Eve 2015
My first Bonnet
Ready for Santa Brunch at PCC
Pictures with Santa
I love my baths with big brother
Ho Ho Ho

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  1. I am in LOVE with her bonnet! And it's amazing how much she looks like Brody! Happy New Year :)

  2. Already such a beautiful smile! I love her little bonnet too. Such a sweetie pie!

  3. her outfits are so cute!! such a happy baby :) xoxo jillian

  4. My babes hated car rides too. So sad hearing them and not being able to do anything. Madelyn is so cute!!!

  5. She is so beautiful! Isn't it funny how second kids (at least mine) seem to cry less than the first? Jack only cries when he is hungry or tired! Whereas, I swear B would cry when she was just bored! Maybe it's because he is never bored thanks to B! Love all the pictures!


  6. What a fun month! I think she's really starting to look like you!!

  7. What a beauty! Leo shares the same love for his mat which is an amazing bonus! Wanted to ask....what's your pumping schedule like and how do you fit it in?

  8. Little Madelyn is so precious! Her name is so pretty <3 Have a great 2016!

  9. That sweet smile is contagious! She is so adorable

  10. Dumb question and it's admittedly pretty private, so feel free to not answer or to answer via email. :) Did you pump to give her bottles during the day? You said she was exclusively BF and took bottles. I feel like I want to start doing this with my baby so I'm not the ONLY source of food for her.... It's hard to juggle a five year old and a newborn. :)