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I don't usually do a "link love" post, but it seems like I came across some really awesome things this week that I felt the need to share!!  I do love when people share some of their favorites from the week, so here is mine in no particular order :)

+ My girl, Stephanie, nailed it with a great post on how to have a beautiful, curated Instagram feed.  It would be nice to think these beautifully staged instagram photos weren't a little time consuming, but they are :) She did another great post yesterday on all the tools she uses to make those photos so pretty.  

Krista put together the most amazing magazine Holiday Gift and Fashion Guide.  Girls, I can't imagine the amount of hours that were spent putting this thing together.  But it's like an encyclopedia for gifts.  And also has some adorable fashion ideas for your Holiday events. 

+ Have you seen any of Helene's blogging tutorials?  If not, you probably should.  She puts out some great free webinars (plus a few paid) and also a great newsletter you can sign-up for with new tips each week.  I'm trying to learn a few things when I have some spare minutes from her.  She's also running a fun Instagram challenge starting now using #myholidayspark that you should join in on.

+ Just in the last few months, I've seen some girls I knew in college open some pretty awesome businesses through the internet.  There are so many amazing opportunities out there these days and we are so lucky to have the internet and social media at our fingertips to grow these businesses.  One is called Shop Establishment based in Atlanta that is a collection of beautiful "layering pieces" to create those gorgeous vignettes around your home.  Their pillow shoppe is swoon worthy too :)

+ The other company is called All Out Celebrations.  It's a company designed to help busy parents create memories with their children the way they would want to if time, energy and creativity were limitless. From Birthday Morning boxes filled with door decorations, scavenger hunts, and tons of other goodies to the North Pole Breakfast which is the perfect holiday surprise for any little one, they have you covered! I'm pretty obsessed with this concept.

+ I'm also in love with this business idea. I saw this on Lauren Conrad's blog this week which I really don't read regualry, but it caught my eye.  They are basically your ticket to a vacation photographer.  I'm already scheming my next trip to try it out!

+ I'm not going to lie, I think I've watched this video below 100 times.  My niece filmed this when she was giving him a bath last weekend and I can't get over how funny it is.  I don't know where he comes up with this stuff!

I've got a wedgie - Brody 11/14/2015 from Annie Malone on Vimeo.

I'll leave you on a funny note and hope you have a happy Friday eve!!! Also, Natalie and I will be taking next week off of our Thoughts for Thursday link-up since we will be stuffing ourselves with Thanksgiving dinner and enjoying time with our families.  Catch ya back the following week.

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  1. I saw the idea of hiring a photographer on vacation and thought it was brilliant - still kicking myself for not doing it last year on our anniversary trip! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. My friend Farris was telling me about shop establishment too! Small world! It is a neat shop. Great post.

  3. A photographer on a vacation sounds pretty genius!!

  4. Yes! A photographer while on vacation! Stress free for sure! Love all of the links, can't wait to sit during nap time with coffee and take a look at them!

  5. Dude! Thanks for including me in all of this goodness! xo

  6. That video of Brody was absolutely adorable!!! I watched it a couple (ok, maybe more than a couple!) of times too! So cute!

  7. Thanks for sharing these very interesting links!

    BTW - it's not too late to join this RAYBAN giveaway I am hosting for the SUNGLASSES SHOP of UK from Nov. 16-22!


  8. Love these links and those business ideas are awesome! I love the kid party packages! I could have used that for Cam's party this weekend... it's so much work!

  9. Haha, I'd seen that wedgie video on your Insta and was laughing - soooo cute!! His little voice saying wedgie is hilarious :)

  10. thanks so much for the love! and i can't wait to check out some of these suggestions!

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  12. This is awesome - thank you, Annie! Love reading about these amazing companies and your recommendations!

  13. Dying over the video of Brody!!! So so cute and sounds just like my life these days! I wish we could get the boys together to play. I'm finally going to go read Helene's blog and get ideas. I really need to step up my blog game these days and need some motivation.

  14. So glad to come across your lovely blog! Brody is super cute! Come and add your linkup to my fashion linkup directory if you like! Much love! Baci, Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  15. Thanks for the love Annie! Love reading your blog :)