Postpartum Update | 6 Weeks | Baby Two

My postpartum updates that I did after having Brody are some of my most popular posts on this blog.  I think woman are very curious how our bodies will recover after carrying these little miracles for nine months long.  I know I was during my first pregnancy and I remember looking on Pinterest for good articles about postpartum plans and recovery stories and I had a really tough time finding them.  

I recently found a new blog through a friend of mine called She Just Glows.  Her blog caught my eye because of her story of losing 52 pounds after having 3 babies in 4 years (no twins)!!  She writes candidly about her journey to lose the weight and shares some awesome raw bikini photos to show her progress.  It's very brave and I've really enjoyed reading along.  Her blog series is called A Real Picture of Post-Pregnancy.  This is one of the few post-pregnancy stories I've been able to find.  

I enjoy writing these updates to track my progress and as always, to be able to look back on in the future.  Unfortunately for ya'll (ha!), you won't be getting any bikini pictures from me; but I will give some stats and share a few things that have helped me along the way.  I'm always looking for secrets and suggestions from other women and would love to hear from any of you!!!

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I gained 35 pounds with this pregnancy which is just a couple pounds less than I gained with Brody.  I gained weight differently this pregnancy than I did with Brody though.  With him, I didn't gain much in the beginning (weeks 1-16) and then it came on later.  With this pregnancy, the weight came on quickly which was ironic because I was super sick; but then slowed down a little the second half.  

I knew after this pregnancy that I was determined to get this weight off as quick as possible.  I lost 25 pounds within the first two weeks (I did the same thing with Brody too).  I've lost another 5 pounds since then and that leaves me with 5 pounds to go.  These last 5 pounds can definitely be the most stubborn which is why I want to do everything in my power to get them off sooner rather than later.  With Brody, these last few pounds lingered forever, I lost them and then they came back again.  So I was actually 5 pounds heavier when I got pregnant this time.

Here's a comparison photo.  The photo of me at 11 weeks pregnant was actually from my first pregnancy with Brody.  The earliest pregnancy photo I have from this one was 20 weeks.  The photo on the right is me in the same shirt and at 6 weeks postpartum.  I can tell such a difference in my mid-section.  I'm still rocking the baby pouch and really want to spend the next few months finding my ab muscles again.

I am 3 inches larger around the waist on both 1" above belly button and below.  Surprisingly, my hip measurements are basically the same as my pregnancy measurements using the widest part of my body.  My leg measurements are also the same.

I have more than the 5 pounds back to pre-baby weight that I want to lose.  I would really love to lose a total of 10-15 pounds to get me back to my weight during my "early marriage days."  

Here are a few things that I've been doing so far.  

1.) I've been keeping these energy balls in my refrigerator at all times.  They are the perfect grab-and-go and help give me a little boost when I don't have time to eat. 

2.) I found that breakfast has been my toughest meal and I'm a BIG breakfast lover.  I was so rushed in the mornings (rushing to get Brody to school or feeding baby and having to pump or rush to a doctor's appt, etc) that I found myself going through a drive thru (Starbucks or Chick-fil-a) and eating junk for breakfast.  Now, I am making a breakfast casserole with sausage, egg and cheese every Sunday and I eat a piece of that on the fly in the mornings.  My latest batch, I completely eliminated the bread and it's okay; but I like it best with half the bread recommended! 

3.) Shakeology.  I plan to do the 21 day fix one day in the near future, but for now I've ordered the Vegan Chocolate Shake mix (Thanks Natalie! The vegan tastes better than the regular.) and make a smoothie or mix it with some almond milk on the go and it's delicious! I've really found it satisfying and curbs the sweet tooth like a lot of people have mentioned.  

4.)  At my 3 week check-up appointment, my doctor gave me the okay to start some exercise.  I started back at Pure Barre and it feels great!! I can only make it 2 days a week since having 2 kids, but I'll take whatever I can get!  

5.) I wanted another form of exercise that gave me some cardio that I could do with one or both of the kids.  So I re-downloaded my Couch to 5k app and I'm giving it a try.  This has been my first week, so hopefully I will keep you updated.  The truth is that I'm not supposed to run because of a bad knee; but since a lot of it is mixing walking and a little jogging, I'm willing to push the limits a bit and I miss running so much!!

6.) I did use this belly bandit consistently for the first 4 weeks postpartum.  I loved the feeling that it gave me to help "suck everything in."  I think it helped bring my tummy in a bit faster and I really loved the confidence it gave me when I had on clothes that were a little more fitted.  I'm back to trying to wear it some again now, but they really recommend it for the first 6 weeks postpartum.  And as for sizing, I would recommend going down a size.  I would normally think I'm a large, but I bought the medium and am very happy I did because it's adjustable and you want it to be snug!

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So that's pretty much all my secrets so far.  I know I need to be disciplined on my eating and that's what I'm really trying to focus on.  I've given up wine for 9 months carrying this baby, eliminating the booze just isn't an option right now :)

What are your secrets for losing weight?  What do you do for the last 5 pounds {#alwaysthehardest} ???  

Now it's your turn.  Link up with Natalie and I with your Thoughts for Thursday! 

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  1. Truly it is about eating and moving. Smoothies is the best way to get what you need quickly. Fruit/veggies, greek yogurt for protein. If you have everything cut up ahead of time it makes it simple. Or better yet, use frozen fruit. I remember having our girls close together and putting them in the stroller and going for daily walks where I kicked butt pushing and pulling. I lost it in no time. That is actualy how I found my love for brisk walking, which over 20 years later I still have the habit of doing 5x a week when weather permits. Hang in there, you'll lose it. It just takes a little bit more time with #2.

  2. You look great, good luck with the rest!

  3. Good luck! You look awesome right now, and I am sure with hard work, you will be able to get where you want to!

  4. Wow! You look so great for only 6 weeks postpartum! I still have about 5 lbs I'd like to lose and my baby is almost 1! It is so true about having good food for meals ready in your fridge or else I always end up eating on the run in my car and going through a drive thru! I need to get back into a work out routine too!

  5. I've hear great things about the couch to 5K! I think women are amazing! You look fabulous!

  6. You look great pretty lady! I was so good and then in the last month or two, I've gained some weight back. So I am back to the grind. I have gotten out of rhythm with exercising and I need to start doing it again! I have heard great things about Couch to 5K! If you want more Barre classes from home, think about Barre3. I think it is only like $15 a month for unlimited classes. The Bar Method I think also has classes online. I have been doing Tone It Up, which has been great for lots of HIIT that you can do from home.

  7. You look great Annie! Just remember it took 40 weeks for your body to make that baby so take it slow and it will stay off. When I was nursing I just could not cut back my calories or my supply dwindled significantly so I kept so much weight on until after I was done. You sound like you know how to eat right and are interested in being healthy so you will be back to yourself before you know it! I love the chocolate shako too!

  8. You look great Annie! Just remember it took 40 weeks for your body to make that baby so take it slow and it will stay off. When I was nursing I just could not cut back my calories or my supply dwindled significantly so I kept so much weight on until after I was done. You sound like you know how to eat right and are interested in being healthy so you will be back to yourself before you know it! I love the chocolate shako too!

  9. I'm still trying to lose the baby weight almost four years later so I have zero good advice, but you look phenomenal! I definitely did not look like that six weeks postpartum! I would love to know your daily meals!

  10. Fantastic post!! Thank you for being so real and open! You're doing an amazing job and look amazing! I've really got to get out and start exercising again...

  11. Having a plan of action definitely helps with losing the baby weight. I feel the second time around I was more motivated to loss it faster. Good luck!

  12. You look amazing! I'm going to make those energy bites...I really need something like that in my fridge.
    xoxo, Traci

  13. Really enjoyed reading this as kids are a big conversation topic around this house lately - thanks for your real and open story! You look great and seem to have a fantastic routine down! Getting to barre twice a week with two little ones is quite the accomplishment - it's hard to find time to get to those fabulous classes but so worth it when we can!

  14. You look so great!! I love hearing real stories… and knowing I'm not the only one that can't give up the booze to lose weight. Sorry but not happening!! Xoxo

  15. I love this post & love that you are talking about this! You are so right that post-partum in general needs to be talked about more. After having Jack I had no idea what I was in for in the emotional department & WHOA, those hormones are no joke!! You look awesome! Keep up all that you're doing - it will pay off! & Good for you for getting to Pure Barre twice a week!!

  16. Love when you do these posts and I'm so glad you like the vegan chocolate!! I really think Shakeology (and quitting breastfeeding) are what made me lose not just weight but inches from my body. I think breastfeeding helped me lose weight quick but I think it also made me keep some extra cushioning on my body. I have a 6-8lbs left that I would like to lose to be at my wedding weight. I've found the only thing that helps me is keeping sweets and carbs out of the house.