Madelyn Faye | One Month

One Month as of October 14th, 2015
Born on September 14th, 2015

Weight:  You weighed 8 lbs 15 ounces at birth.  You dropped 1 pound and were back to your birth weight at 2 weeks old.  You know weigh 9 pounds and 14 ounces as of 4 weeks old.  

Clothes: You wear newborn clothes and a couple of 3 month outfits.

Sleep:  The first two weeks were rough.  You seemed to have your days and nights a bit mixed up.  You were still able to give us some 3 and 4 hour sleeping stints, but then you would have trouble going back to sleep and sometimes we would be up for the rest of the night.  You were really wanting to be held.   You slept next to our bed for the first 4 weeks in your Rock N Sleeper.  A few days before you turned 4 weeks old, we moved you to your crib.  That worked better for everyone :)  The last two weeks were a little erratic, but you started to sleep from 9:30pm to around 2 or 3.  Sometimes you would go right back to sleep after I fed you and sometimes you would fight it for an hour or more.  

Schedule: At two weeks, we loosely started following our Moms On Call schedule.  You woke up around 6 or 7 and we fed every 3 hours.  We started implementing a bedtime routine and I bathed you around 8:30pm and fed you a bottle in your room at 9pm.  You were in your crib for 9:30.  

Health:  You've pretty much had a stuffy nose since the day you were born.  I was sick when I delivered you and I'm pretty sure you got my nasal congestion immediately.  I give you saline sprays up your nose and you've just stayed congested on and off for the last month.  Thankfully it hasn't seemed to bother you too much.

Crying:  You mainly just cry when you are hungry.  You've cried some in your carseat but I think it's mainly because you have been hungry and I have to throw you in the car to take Brody to school.  Sometimes it may be gas too.  You had one or two nights this month when you got a little cranky in the evenings around 7pm or so.  

Feeding:  You eat 3-4 ounces per feeding and feed approx every 3 hours.  You seemed to be pretty good at breastfeeding at first, but then seemed to be having trouble.  I started pumping a lot and giving your bottles after the first week.  Now I mostly pump and feed you a bottle, but you breastfeed once or twice per day.  I keep the middle of the night feeding on the boob because I'm too lazy to pump and usually one other feeding during the day is on the boob.  

Likes:  The swing and your baths.  Bath time is relaxing for you which is so nice.  We take one every night before bedtime.

Dislikes: Being hungry! Like mother, like daughter :)

Milestones:  Mainly just making some strides in sleep this month.  You've made a couple of 6 hour stretches at night this month which was pretty awesome.  

Places You’ve Gone:  We haven't traveled anywhere with you yet.  You've been all around town with us so far and you mostly just sleep which is great!

Visitors:  We've had lots of family by to meet baby Madelyn and also spoil Brody with gifts and attention.  

Postpartum:  We've been so lucky to have the help of all of our family and friends that have helped with meals.  My recovery was a bit tougher this time than I remember with Brody as Madelyn was a bigger baby.  It took a good two weeks for me to feel like myself and be able to comfortably go up and down stairs and carry anything heavy.  I also wasn't able to drive for the first two weeks, so we had to be chauffeured around town by family.  

At my 3 week post-op appointment, everything looked great and I got the okay to start back at my Pure Barre classes.  It's felt great to be able to work out again.  

Life with Two: It's a bit more chaotic and complicated with two, but it's nice that we still aren't outnumbered.  Matt has been a big helping taking on extra responsibilities around the house and taking on Brody duty in the evenings and mornings.  We've had great help from family and we are settling into this new normal.  Brody has been amazing with his little sister and I couldn't be more proud.  He loves to help and gives her lots of hugs and kisses which I love to watch.  I'm looking forward to watch these two continue to grow together.

Baby Madelyn with big brother Brody
Catching some smiles around 2 weeks old
Babies first bath at home
Baby with a bow :)
Four weeks old


  1. She is too cute!! Brody looks like he's a great big brother!

  2. So Cute!! Matthew was really congested for his first 2 months and they told me it's totally normal and they just might not have gotten everything out after they were born. It eventually cleared up. Don't worry juggling two is tough I'm still struggling almost a year later lol

  3. Sounds like she is right on track and it looks like big brother is loving his baby sis.

  4. Can't believe she's one month old already!! Time flies! So adorable though and so glad to hear you guys are settling into a routine!

  5. What a sweetie! I can't believe you're getting six hour stretches sometimes at a month! That is impressive!!

  6. Wow 6 hour sleep stretches sounds amazing! Oliver has his days and nights mixed up too and it's pretty rough as you know. I'm looking forward to starting MOC once he turns 2 weeks. She sounds like a pretty perfect baby girl!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  7. she is So beautiful!!! i love these photos :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. She is a doll and I see so much of Brody in her. You guys make beautiful babies!! Was that just the fasted month of your life?? We are in a total time warp over here. Keep being a good girl Madelyn!!!

  9. I cannot believe she is already one month old! I'm so glad she's starting to settle in at night. She is beautiful! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  10. What a cute baby! Best wishes to all of you.