Scenes from Our Weekend | Destin

Me, Brody and my MIL spent the weekend in Destin for a little getaway.  My hubby was out of town on a work trip for the weekend and we thought a change of scenery would be nice.   Plus, my cousins were in Destin from Colorado and we were excited to spend some time with them!

We drove in and had a beautiful lunch at Crab Island Cantina outside.  The view was gorgeous and there were enough fans to make it seem cool, but after chasing Brody around the entire place during lunch, I was a hot mess!!! 

His little cheeks got so red!

We went over to my Aunt and Uncles house Friday evening for a delicious meal of BBQ Shrimp.  Have you had this before??  It's so delicious and really easy to make.  This picture is before we baked it in the oven. 

Brody had so much fun with his cousins.  They are older and so sweet and patient with him.  He thinks he is as old as they are!!

Saturday morning this is my favorite place to enjoy coffee.  A view of the Destin marina and the Gulf of Mexico.  It's so relaxing.  

We did lots of swimming on Saturday during the day and that evening we went to the new Lulu's restaurant in Destin.  They just opened about 2 months ago and they did an awesome job!!!   If you have kids and are vacationing in Destin, this is a MUST visit.  Lulu is Jimmy Buffet's sister. She has a restaurant over in Orange Beach, AL as well.  She really caters to families and kid entertainment plus great bands for the adults!

Sunday we woke up to rain and storms all morning.  We decided to have a leisurely morning around the condo and then headed home early.  We had dinner with some sweet friends and Brody got picked up in Minnie Mouse's car by a real cute chick :)

Hope everyone is having a great week!! 


  1. How fun! I want to be there! ;-) BTW my oldest sons name is Brody as well! Your B is adorable!! Happy Tuesday!!

  2. My husband went to Destin on a work trip a year or so ago and raved about it. He sent me pics, that looked like these and I was totally envious. We've definitely talked about going there one day in the future, maybe once we have kids :)

  3. I always love seeing Brody’s precious outfits! You must share that shrimp recipe – looks so delicious. Lulu’s looks like a blast and that’s such an interesting fact that she made a place similar to her brother but more kid oriented – so smart.

  4. Your weekend recaps always make me wish I lived in FL!! That shrimp recipe looks so good. Lulu's looks like my kind of place.

  5. Yay for beach and time with cousins! Destin looks gorgeous, one of these days I need to finally make the drive up there :)

  6. Never been to Destin but it is on my bucket list. The picture of them in the Minnie Mouse car kills me… so precious!

  7. Lulus looks so fun!! Cousin time is always so fun - They all look so sweet together! What a fun weekend!