Thoughts for Thursday

Sorry I'm late to post today friends!  I ended up having a late and busy night last night and couldn't get my post together!  I have a few random photos and thoughts for all of you from the week!!

I also wanted to thank everyone who listened (and gave sympathy and advice) to my rant last week about Brody's toddler tantrums.   I swear I feel like we've already made huge improvements this week or maybe my mindset has just changed and I know that "I"m in charge." :) haha.  I will definitely share a few tips and tricks that I picked up from my Moms on Call read and let you know what's worked for us in a future post!! 

Brody loves to walk out our backyard and go look at all the boats in the marina.  We had a little photo shoot this week in his Beaufort Bonnet Company swim trunks to celebrate TBBC's 3rd Birthday.  They were reposting photos on IG for an opportunity to get a 33% discount code to shop.  We didn't make the cut sadly, but we still love all their clothes for boys and girls!! 

Last night I went out to the beach to see Emily from All You Need is Love for cocktails, appetizers and desserts.  Her family is in town for the week on vacation and her and her Mom threw the cutest little girly get together!!  It was so fun to catch up with her.  She is pregnant with her second baby and it's also a girl!! Her little boy is just 6 months younger than Brody too, so we've got lots in common!

How beautiful was this sunset we watched??

Me and Emily
 (Please ignore the fat face syndrome that seems to have already hit me this pregnancy!)

We roasted s'mores and she served them with both Hershey bars and Reese's cups and OMG.  The reese's cup was where it's at!!!  Have you ever made one with a Reese's??

After the meet up with Emily, I went down the street to my childhood best friends house!!! She is in town from Australia for a week.  I got the pleasure of helping her pick the flavor of her WEDDING CAKE!!! Ya'll we had 6 amazing choices....Matron of Honor Duties are tough, but someone has to do it :)

Brody started swim lessons this week.  We've signed him up for the ISR lessons.  Has anyone had any experience with these lessons??  They are intense, but really are great.  I took a little video from his 2nd day of lessons.  It's a 6 week program!  I would love to hear your experience with it.  It's tough on the Mama's, but I know it is all worth it!!

I haven't done 5 on Friday's much lately, but I have a fun post planned tomorrow about the 5 things I'll do different for baby #2!!!

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Thoughts for Thursday


  1. I want that Reese Smores right now! So yummy! And you do not have fat face!!

  2. Ooo Reese S'mores! I've heard of doing that, but haven't tried it yet! Sounds amazing! how fun that you got to help pick out the wedding cake, YUM!

  3. Random but you totally have to ask your friend Emily if she got that dress from Stitch Fix....I totally am pretty confident I have the exact dress!