Scenes from our Weekend

The weather has officially changed from "Spring temps" to HOT summer temperatures here in north Florida.  I will now officially be the hot sweaty pregnant woman for the next 3.5 months or more than likely you can just find me in the pool or the Gulf!!  I'll be the beached whale over in the corner!!! 

We had a fun weekend at home with some nice weather.  We went out to the beach for dinner on Friday night to Crabs and let the kids play on the playground.  Even though it was so nice to be outside and go out for dinner, I quickly think to myself, "why do I bother as it's NON-STOP with an (almost) two year-old??"  He never sits still anymore and I'm chasing him in the sand which is quite a sight these days and wears me out quickly!


Friday afternoon I got the best surprise visit from my cousin who lives in New York!!!  She came in town with her fiancĂ© for a wedding about an hour away, but she got to sneak a visit with us for a few hours.  She brought Brody back the most adorable Mickey Mouse Haviannas from her recent trip to Brazil.  He's officially obsessed with them, but you might see that there was one little problem...

They are two sizes too small! Ha.  But he doesn't care, he's worn them every day since she gave them to him.  We will quickly have to retire them and give them to my nephew.  It was so sweet though!!

Saturday morning Brody and I woke up just the two of us because Daddy was on a work trip.  Matt makes him pancakes every weekend and I decided I was going to one-up him this weekend!! 

We had an impromptu pancake party that morning with my Mom, SIL, and nephew!! It was a funny morning treat!

After breakfast, we headed out on the boat for a cruise and to watch a special boat parade to Pensacola.   

We celebrate Pensacola's heritage and the boats decorate with the five flags that have flown over our city and line up for a large boat parade.  Brody had a blast watching all the boats go by.

We stopped by to visit at a friends house too and had some lunch...

That evening I made a simple Summer Chickpea Salad from How Sweet It Is that was delicious.  She recommended it with a whipped feta on toast or a baguette.  I never would have thought to serve it that way, but it was amazing!

Matt got home early Sunday morning and we headed on the boat again with some friends.  We met a few other friends at a small little beach and the kids had a ball.  It was such a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Boat Selfie :)

We got home that evening and Matt has been begging me to break out my mini pie maker that we got for our wedding.  It really is the coolest little contraption.  I had a bunch of peaches that needed to be eaten and so we made homemade mini peach pies.  They were amazing as you would expect and of course topped with vanilla bean ice cream. 

That was a perfect end to a summer weekend packed with fun!!!

(Tomorrow I swear to be back with an Anguilla recap with way too many pictures!  I've been such a slacker, but I can't wait to share our trip with all of you!)

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  1. SO JEALOUS that y'all are able to hop on a boat every weekend. I'm 2 hours from Atlantic Beach but I'd much rather be 2 minutes :) You look great mama!

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  3. Such a fun weekend! Brody's flip flops are HYSTERICAL!!

  4. Those shoes are too cute! Funny how kids get attached and love certain things.

  5. It seriously was the most picturesque weekend in Florida ever!

  6. Looks like it was a super fun-filled weekend! Brody looks like he enjoyed himself :)

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  8. Such a fun weekend! That chickpea salad looks amazing! Xo, Stephanie

  9. Looks like a fantastic weekend in your city!! Summer weekends are meant to be spent outdoors on the water :)