Brody's 2nd Birthday Wishlist

Brody turns TWO this weekend!! I can hardly believe it.  We are keeping things very simple and small this year for his birthday celebration.  I didn't have it in me to throw the enormous blow-out party like we did last year.  I'm happy to just celebrate with family this year and I know Brody won't know any different :)  Here's a round-up of some wish list items I had put together for our family to give ideas for gifts this year.  
Brody's 2nd Birthday Wishlist

Hape BBQ Pit and Shish Kabob Set (I love this hotdog and hamburger set too) - We plan on keeping this BBQ pit on our outdoor covered patio.  I'm praying that it will last well in the outdoor weather.  

Fisher-Price Doodle Pro- Brody is loving to draw and color right now and I love the idea of these doodle boards since they have zero chance for catastrophe unlike a child with a marker does!

Land of Nod Extracurricular Table - This table is awesome and we will use it in our new "playroom" as a coffee table space as well as a craft table.  It has lots of options to add on with it or buy later down the road when needed.

Leap Frog Reader Milestone Books - I'm excited to see how Brody enjoys the Leap Reader Junior (below).  These books are great for discussing potty training, big brother status, and sleeping in a big boy bed!

Leap Reader Junior- This little "pal" helps kids get ready to read and is compatible with lots of books including the ones described above.

Fisher-Price Classic Record Player - I love this classic record player that comes with 5 discs which includes a total of 10 classic nursery songs.  Brody is loving music right now and I think he will have a ball with this record player.

Hape Refrigerator (I love this salad set to go with it)- We gave Brody the matching Hape Kitchen last year for his first birthday and he loves playing with it still.  I wanted to add onto the collection plus give us even more storage space :)

I also keep going back and forth about this train table set.  The only place we really have to put it is over in the man cave and I can't decide if we would use it enough over there or not.  Tell me your thoughts on train tables for anyone that has experience.  Are they worth the setup and space they take up??  Do the kids use them for a long time??  Help a Mama out :)

I hope this helps any other Mama's out there looking for gift ideas for their kids.  I know I always steal ideas from other Mom's out there and love reading their thoughts and reviews.  Let me know if you have any questions or if I'm missing any great toy ideas for a two year old!!!

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  1. I think the train table would definitely be something that Brody would use for a good long time. We gave Caleb a train set for Christmas, and he loves it. I think he would love it even more if it was on a table like that though!!! We don't have the space for something like that, but if you do, I'd say go for it!!! It could be something special that Brody doesn't get to play with all the time, which would make him love it even more:)

  2. I am loving the BBQ pit - so fun for a little boy and so stinkin cute! My nephew loves his train table, he is three now and it keeps him occupied for a while!

  3. the elephant doodle pro is so cute! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. I had just added that train table to Walker's Amazon Wish List this week! I'm not sure where in the world we'd put it, but he LOVES trains (and planes and automobiles) so I thought it might be fun. :)

  5. My little brother had a train table growing up and he was obsessed with it! It got daily use. I think if you have the room in your house, go for it!

  6. Both my kids can't get enough of the trains (including my daughter) so I would say it's definitely worth it if you have space.

  7. Mother, grandmother and teacher here. Train table is a bonus if you have space and you don't mind little pieces being around. Good idea to have separate bins to store under it for easier clean up. It is a great toy to engage their little hands and minds for a good amount of time. Also, what I've loved about them, is they don't outgrow it as quickly as other toys. Have one in my classroom and well worth the investment (I'm always adding things to it). Happy Birthday to Brody!