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Welcome to Thoughts for Thursday...I have a few random thoughts to share with you from the week plus an adorable new sponsor that has me pining for a trip to the islands soon. 

+ Anyways, we have been so lucky with the weather this week.   I have been feeling a little better these last few days and trying to get out of the house as much as possible.  The other day, I stopped by one of my favorite little spots for a quick lunch.  I sat outside with this grilled avocado sandwich with an olive tapenade mixture and melted cheese.  Ya'll this sandwich is to die for and I don't even like OLIVES.  I can't explain it.  It's heavenly. 

+ Brody has been wanting to be outside every chance he can get.  It's honestly been the best thing for me too.  His little "school" is on spring break this week, so he's been home with me all week.  We've been on lots of walks and getting use of all his outdoor toys in our backyard.  

+ My precious and sweetest cousin sent me the most thoughtful gift this week.  She sent me a gift card to the spa because she knew how bad I've been feeling and felt so sad for me.  It just so happened it was to my favorite spa and I immediately cashed it in for a facial this week.  I've been trying to make my skin more of a priority lately as I have never had great skin routines and as I age, I'm starting to recognize it a little more.  So this was such a nice treat!!

+ It has been since January that I was at my last Pure Barre class.  I've been so sick that walking was the most active thing I could concur since getting pregnant.  This week I made myself go on Monday and Tuesday and it made me feel so much better!  It feels great to be back even though it's like starting over all over again.  I hope I continue to feel well enough to make it a few times a week.  It gets my head right :)

+ I started a day in the life post draft a little while back and it's just been sitting in my draft box.  They are really some of my favorite posts to read and I am past due on writing one.  I love the idea of being able to look back on my day in the life post with just Brody once we add another kid into the mix.  I'm super curious what "day in the lives" look like for Mom's of two these days.  I'm sure I will learn to juggle just like everyone else :)

+ I'm excited to introduce my newest sponsor, Christina, who blogs over at The New Mrs.  She not only shares my love for traveling to beautiful places, but she also works in the real estate business which was my passion before becoming a SAHM!  She started her blog in similar fashion to me as a way to document her wedding and building their first home and is now looking to expand her readership.  I hope you will show her some love below and enjoy her blog as much as I have.  And don't miss her fab giveaway below too!

I'm Christina, a 26 year old living in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

I am loving newlywed life as I recently married my husband, Derek on September 6, 2014.  We recently added on our lovable puppy, Stella (named after her daddy's favorite beer) to make us a family of three… for now :)

I work for my family's real estate business and am lucky enough to call my mom and brother my co-workers! My schedule gives me a little extra flexibility to be a part-time stay at home wife (SAHW) some days too!

Traveling is at the top of the list; we love to plan vacations and do so frequently! I love my new "wifey" roles; more specifically, I enjoy testing out new recipes, decorating our home and hosting any chance I get!  Walking Stella/working out, shopping, reality tv watching and blog hopping are some other favorites and of course spending time with my husband and our family and friends!

Why I Blog
I started blogging - as "The Future Mrs." about a month after we got engaged as a little scrapbook for myself to keep track of all the little moments like wedding events and building our new home as well as to keep our out of town family/friends in the loop!  I learned so many things from many great blogs so now "The New Mrs." I've recently decided to grow my little blog and share my experiences as a housewife, travels, ideas and continue keeping a scrapbook for myself of our life!

What I Blog About
A little bit of everything! First and foremost, every day life as well as our traveling adventures.  Entertaining tips, new recipes, wedding/marriage topics, some DIY projects and a little bit of fashion.  We're still finishing up decorating our new house so lots of home posts too.  Being obsessed with the holidays is probably an understatement so plenty of holiday posts - Usually most of the month of December is dedicated to Christmasy things.  Pictures of Miss Stella are usually involved as well!

I hope you make a little visit over to my blog and say hello! I'm loving this blogging community and look forward to continuing meeting some new faces!

Thank you so much, Annie for having me!

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  1. I was just telling Natalie how much fun being outdoors with the kids will be. We had such a harsh Winter we are so excited about Spring! Oh, and you sold me on Cristina, she's my kind of blogger! :)

  2. So glad you are starting to feel better! That sandwich looks amazing, I might just have to try and recreate it! We have been having the nicest weather here in NC, love being outside any chance I get. Have a great rest of the week love!

  3. Glad you are starting to feel better! I would love to read a day in the life post with you and Brady!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Where did you buy your office furniture? What is the paint color? That would be my dream office!


  5. That sandwich.. oh my gosh!! Looks amazing! So glad you're starting to feel better. Off to check out The New Mrs now!

  6. That sandwich looks so delicious! And a spa day always makes a day a little better -- hope you're feeling 100% soon! Checked out The New Mrs. this morning!
    xo Southern Style

  7. I'm going To need you to send me that sandwich, holy cow. And girl - you look great! I'm sure that is little consolation since you've felt like shit, butttttt hopefully it helps a little ;)

  8. I just started back walking and exercising myself this week, and I nearly feel like a new person! I'm over all the rain and dreariness! Bring on SPRING!! Tomorrow, right?!

  9. You go girl with your Pure Barre classes, I feel accomplished when I walk our dog daily. That sandwich looks amazing, and I don't like olives either. Might have to try and recreate that one at home.

  10. Isn't the weather getting nicer just the best!? So nice to get outside and enjoy it with the kiddos. B is seriously so cute and getting so big! Love his long blonde hair. Good for you pampering yourself - you hit the nail on the head with the skincare thing - I don't do nearly a good job taking care of my skin and have been trying to change that. A facial is probably a must!

  11. I feel ya about how PB gets your head right! So glad you could make it back this week....ahhh! Cheers to that! :)

  12. Nicer weather is always better when you have kids! I am just realizing that with my one year old:) I'm new to this blogging thing and would love to have you follow my blog!


  13. Looks like a great new blog to follow!

  14. So jealous of your nice weather! It’s been pretty cold here this week – hopefully with the start of spring tomorrow, spring really is on the way! Brody looks like he’s having such a blast outside! Yay for relaxing time and a massage for you! Thanks so much again for having me today :)

  15. YUM to that sandwich! I love day in the life of posts. Definitely do one! :)

  16. It's amazing what some sunshine and warmer temps can do for the soul, right?! So glad that you and your little guy have been able to spend time outside and that you're getting back to your Barre classes!

  17. Yay for beautiful weather, spa days, and getting back into Barre classes. I'm glad you're feeling better :)

  18. Girl you deserve ALL of the spa days! I'm glad you're feeling better!!

  19. Holy moly that sandwich! Feel better soon, lady. A spa day is the perfect cure for life sometimes, so your hub may have to start letting it be a weekly necessity I vote ;)

  20. Happy Friday and the first day of Spring! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for hosting!! xx Ashleigh @SimplyWright

  21. That sandwich looks pretty divine, I cant lie! I need a spa day and you certainly deserve one. Hope you're having a good weekend!

  22. So happy that you're feeling better! And that sandwich looks delicious! Xo, Stephanie

  23. yummmm that sandwich looks amazing! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  24. That sandwich looks and sounds amazing!! And girl, a facial is just what I need right about now!!