Scenes from Our Weekend | Destin

So I'm a bit late on recapping the weekend, but I figured better late than never.  Especially because we had a bit of an impromptu-perfectly beautiful and relaxing weekend!!  I love it when weekends work out like this.  

Matt and I have been trying to get down to Destin (an hour away) for a weekend several times over the last month and each time something has come up and we haven't been able to go.  As the weekend approached, we were still unsure if we were going to pack up and head down there as a family and enjoy ourselves or wait for another weekend.  The weather was supposed to be pretty for the weekend, but some cooler temps (high around 65) were coming through.  I still wasn't feeling great last week and I decided on Friday that I wanted to get out of town and enjoy a change of scenery.  I felt like it will help my nausea and I was soooo right!!!  It was such a nice weekend and I felt so good.

Some friends of ours that live in the area ended up being able to join us for the whole weekend and we had a blast with them.  They met us Friday night for dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe.  I'm sad I didn't get any pictures because it's crawfish season right now and all of our meals were so amazing!  I think we pretty much rolled home from there.  

Saturday morning I actually got to enjoy a HOT cup of coffee on the balcony with this gorgeous view.  I pretty much haven't had hot coffee since being pregnant because it always sounds nauseating.  

Saturday was beautiful, so we all packed up our beach bags and threw on our bathing suits and headed to the beach.  It was a little chilly still when we first got out there, but it warmed up quickly and we had a blast.   Brody played so well at the beach.  We were out there for 5 hours.  I couldn't believe it.  

This picture doesn't even do the water justice.   It was so clear and turquoise in color.  

Brody played so hard that morning that he curled up right in my lap and snuggled up for his afternoon nap.  This pretty much never happens anymore where he falls asleep on his mama, so I was soaking up every minute of it.  

After he woke up, he was wired and ready to play again.  He loved pouring the pail of water on top of him which I was shocked because the water was freezing!!! 

We headed back to the condo around 4pm to shower up and get ready for dinner.  We decided to cook dinner in since we had a long day at the beach.   We watched this gorgeous sunset and enjoyed some seafood pasta.  

Sunday we headed back to the beach, but it was a short trip.  It was too windy and cold, so we only lasted long enough for Brody to take an hour nap on the beach and us to chow down these yummy avocado egg salad sandwiches that our friends made.  They were so tasty.  Sorry I don't have the recipe for you guys.  

She also made this Chocolate Mousse that you would never guess in a million years was made from avocado.  I can't wait to try and make this again.  So easy and a nice healthy dessert option :)

Brody still managed to have fun at the beach even though it was too cold!

I can't wait for so many more weekends just like this over the next six months!! I love that we can travel just an hour away and feel like we are so far from home.  I have so many great memories of Destin when I was a kid and I hope to create those same memories with my kids.  Because life is always better at the beach, isn't it???????


  1. life is always better at the beach! headed there for a long Easter weekend on Thursday and I cannot WAIT! so happy to hear you are starting to feel better! xoxo

  2. That is so awesome that y'all are so close to the beach! Closest to us is 5 hrs & they aren't that pretty!! Lol! Sounds like a pretty great weekend though!!

  3. Looks like a great weekend!!! Glad you got to relax that sickness away!!! :)

  4. Looks like a great weekend! Destin is on my list of places we want to go! Glad you are starting to feel a little bit better :)

  5. It looks like a wonderful weekend! Destin is on my list of places to go one day too! Those Caribbean blue waters are hard to find stateside! I am so jealous your LO took a nap in your arms. It is just too precious. Sorry to hear you are still struggling with the morning sickness/ all day nausea! It is the worst! But at least it sounds like you got a little temporary reprieve!

  6. It looks like you had an amazing weekend! It is so beautiful there! Your friend has serious skills because those sandwiches have me drooling!

  7. So glad you guys had a great time and you felt well!! I think Destin is my favorite beach in Florida - the water is just beautiful!

  8. Glad your feeling a little better and able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee! I have a toddler boy too and its the absolute best when they fall asleep on you, its rare so I treasure it!

  9. Life is always better at the beach! That sunset is SO gorgeous that it doesn't even look real!

  10. I'm so jealous, this looks like the perfect weekend at the beach. So sweet that Brody took his nap on you, sweet bonding moments.

  11. oh wow sounds perfect esp since you felt so great! And the beach nap, I'm so jealous. Aria took one nap like that eons ago it feels like.

  12. I love Destin! And where you stayed has the best sunsets! Love love love!