Five on Friday | Happy New Year

December was a whirlwind and I honestly haven't caught up with the fact that it's January and we have started a new year already!  I usually love to use this blog to sit down and reflect on the year, summarize the events from the past year, and set a few goals for the upcoming year.  I haven't done any of that yet.  I'm not ready for January 1st yet.  With that said, I'm going to enjoy my weekend and start fresh on Monday.  But I will use my weekend to clean, re-group, plan, and refresh.  I'm truly looking forward to get back into my weekly routine again.  

I also want to apologize to anyone that was looking to link-up yesterday for Thoughts for Thursday.  I'm sorry we weren't around to party with you.  We will be back in action next week for the first one of the year!  On that same note, I hate that I've been such a sorry blogger friend the last month.  I read and loved all of your sweet comments and apologize for not getting back to most of you.  I look forward to catching up on my favorite blogs this weekend and getting back to commenting to each of you.  Thank you again for continuing to come around this little space of mine and for all of your support! 

And now enough of my new year brain dump, here's my friday five:

New Year's Date Night Dinner with my Hubby :)

| OOTN |
I wore an old sequin skirt I had from J Crew and a little black top and my BB Dakota leather jacket.  I kept it pretty simple and honestly I didn't dress warm enough! It ended up being pretty cold outside.

I snuck over to New Orleans for 2 days this week before NYE and met some friends.  One of the girls has a precious little girl close to Brody's age that I just loved.  It gives me major girl baby fever when I'm around these sweet girly girls! 

This is my friend, Meredith, that lives in Nola with Brody on the first night we were in town.  I love this sweet picture and seeing Brody's big smile.  His dimples don't always show up that well and this picture captures that dimple perfectly!

We had friends over for New Year's Day football and a few little kiddies running around too.  I brought out Brody's new tent that he got for Christmas and they loved it!! I love watching the kids play in their little "forts." 

Lastly, has anyone seen these new pictures of Britney Spears???  Tell me she doesn't look like a new mix of Britney and Heidi Klum??  Her face has completely changed.  I'm not sure what plastic surgery she went in for, but I will say her body is rockin' again! 

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  1. Woah! I totally didn't realize that was Britney! I love all of the Brody pictures. He is so cute!

  2. Your new year looked like it was a great time and I love the look you pulled together! NYE is the perfect time to bust out a sequined skirt! :)
    Have a great Friday and weekend, Annie!

  3. Britney really does look like a new person! But holy hot bod! Happy New Year, Annie! Loving your skirt -- and of course, Brody's sweet smiles!
    xo Southern Style

  4. Love the idea of a little tent for a Christmas gift. So fun! I think your description of Brittany is right on, it doesn't quite look like her, but her body looks great.

  5. Yeah, that Britney photo is insane!! I want to know how much is plastic surgery and how much is just photoshop!! Looks like you had a great New Year's!! I just love that little tent with the kids all in it :)

  6. Loving your sequin skirt from NYE... and I hear ya on December being a total whirlwind. I'm hoping to finally catch my breath this month and get organized.

    Happy New Year :)

  7. Woah Britt Britt! You look so pretty in your NYE outfit and Brody's dimps are sooo cute!

  8. whoooa i thought that was hedi klum! so crazy! loving your NYE skirt! so fun :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. The holidays are definitely crazy and I agree, It's definitely a little harder to keep up blogging. But I hope you enjoy your weekend!! Ps. She DOES look like Heidi.. it's crazy!

  10. I follow Britney on instagram and she definitely does not look like that in her pics.....what did they do to her in photoshop land??? Your New Years outfit is perfection!

  11. Love your outfit for New Year's! WOW, she really does look like a mixture of herself and Heidi Klum! Crazy!

  12. Love the sequined skirt! Brittney sure has come a long way from the head shaving incident!!-Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

  13. Brittney looks amazing! Not gonna lie, I wish I could have a body like that. lol. I love the picture of Brody with your friend. Those dimples are too cute!

  14. OMG...that is not Brittney!! She is unrecognizable!! LOL Love your NYE look!! Happy New Year!!

  15. Love your sequin skirt and Brody's dimple!! Adorable picture of all the kiddos in the tent. I'm not ready for a new year yet - I need a few more days of holiday time!

  16. Wow she really does look like a mix of Heidi Klum and herself! Major photoshopping right there! Brody's dimples are just precious! Love your NYE outfit!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  17. So glad you had a wonderful New Year! I've been a terrible blogger lately, too - my inbox is out of control - but tis the season, right?! Happy 2015!