Gift List | Stocking Stuffers for Him

I loved that you guys were able to grab some cute ideas from yesterday's post on gifts for the men.  The bacon of the month club seemed to be a fan favorite :)  Here's a few ideas for their stocking.  Boxers are one that go in his stocking every year and I always love the simplicity of a gift card or two.  I love to include one iPhone gadget like this new Travel iPhone Amplifier and a few other small items.  This year I'm thinking a Marlin Pocket Square might be a nice touch since he doesn't love ties all the time.  Matt has lived in his monogrammed belt buckle like the one below for 5 years I think now.  It's a great personalized gift for the men.  I hope some of these help you and here's a link to my stocking stuffer ideas from last year.  I still love all of them too!  I forgot to link to to my Gift List for Him post from last year on yesterday's post too, so here it is
Gift List2014 | Stocking Stuffers for Him

What are your favorite things to throw in your man's stocking?  Do you have a go-to that you include every year??

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  2. The personalized belt buckle is a great idea!!!

  3. You are making my life easier and easier with each of these posts ;)

  4. Why are men so hard to buy for! These are great ideas!


  5. I've got my big gifts for Joel but still needed a few fun stocking ideas. Your timing is spot on ;)

  6. I need to space these out and I'll be set for the next decade thanks to you ;)