Gift List 2014 | For the Tech Lovers

I've been known for being the "gadget girl" a few times in my life.  I love me some gadgets and get sucked in more often than not.  Technology always intrigues me and I love trying out new things.  Today's gift list is for all the other tech lover's out there.  

My favorite new gadget right now is this AwoX Bluetooth Speaker and Wifi Extender Light Bulb.  It's genius.  And. so. simple.  All you have to do is replace any light bulb in your house with this wifi bulb and you now can play music via bluetooth and allow it to be a wifi-extender in your house.  It's the perfect way to disguise your typical wifi-extender product and also an easy speaker solution.  I have two.  I keep one in my office so I have some easy listening and the other in my bathroom so I can listen to tunes while I'm getting dressed. You can find more details on the product below.

The Amazon Echo is Amazon's newest release or soon-to-be release.  It's like Siri in a stick.  It also works as a bluetooth speaker and is there to be your best "google" buddy.  

I have a great DSLR, but I can't lie and say I wouldn't love one of these as well: Samsung Galaxy Camera .  I love the size of this plus the fact that it's wifi compatible for uploading and sending on the go. 

This Electric Wine Bottle Opener  is the best opener around.  So. simple. Everyone should love a good electric toothbrush to make their teeth pearly white and most men would probably dream of this extensive shaver system.  The Amazon Fire TV Stick is such a simple toy.  I love how small it is to make it easy for those on the go.  You can travel with is and get hundreds of TV shows on the move.  

What's your favorite gadget??

Gift List 2014 | For the Tech Lover

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  1. Love the blue tooth wifi extender idea!! And I can personally attest to that electronic wine opener--it's the best!! So so easy to use! Another set of great picks :)

  2. i need to get an electric wine opener for my husband! im sure he would love it. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Whoa that blue tooth extender light bulb is so cool! What a genius idea!

  4. Love these ideas! I've always wanted an electric wine bottle opener. I may have to put that one on my list! We just got a Chromecast tv stick which is similar to Amazon's fire tv stick, but it just works with Netflix, Youtube and some other apps.

  5. That wine opener just went right into my cart... for me ;)

  6. OMG is that a drink chiller from last year? Electric wine opener was an awesome (off the registry) gift we get tons of use out of ;)

  7. Great list! I used to think that electric toothbrushes were silly, but now I have one and will never go back!