Baby Brody : 15 Months

25lbs and 34in (approx)

Wearing size 5 diapers.  Size 4/5 shoes.  Clothes are 18 and 24 months.

You take one nap a day usually between 2-3 hours.  You go down around 11am, but on Tuesday and Thursday when you are at school you nap at 1pm when you get home. 

For the last few months you were still drinking 2 (8oz) bottles a day for your first and last feeding each day and then 3 meals plus a snack or two throughout the day with a little milk.  We have just started weening you off all bottles and going to all sippy cups.  With this transition so far, you are hardly drinking any milk at all anymore.  You're so pissed off that you don't have your bottle.  Hopefully that will change in a week or so when you finally give in to drinking milk out of a sippy cup. 

I would say you are a fairly picky eater.  You love all fruits and are obsessed with yogurt.  You still don't really eat any meat and you will eat any vegetable pureed but not so much as finger foods.  You still love sweet potatoes, avocados and butternut squash.

630-7am Wake Up 
8am Breakfast
10am Snack
11am Nap
1:30pm Lunch
3/3:30pm Snack
5pm Dinner
630-7pm Bath/Bedtime

You went several months (May-August) without being sick at all and then as soon as you started school in September, you got a cough and runny nose. 

Loving bath time
Playing with Daddy and seeing him walk through the door after work
You love to stack your blocks and then knock them all down
Emptying any basket, bags or drawers and then putting everything back in it.
Stroller rides & being outside
Your blankie & monkey Paci
The beach- I'm so happy that you are loving the sand!

You still don't like putting clothes on or having your diaper changed
You are hating milk out of a sippy cup
You get so sad and upset when we firmly tell you NO

You blow kisses
You say Hi and Bye
You still babble a lot...baba, dada, ball, dog, hot
You respond to questions from Mickey Mouse clubhouse with yes and no which I have no idea if you really know what you're doing but it's funny.
Your first commercial plane ride (13 months)
You started Moms Morning Out 2 mornings a week (September)

Places You've Gone:

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  1. He is just adorable! I love the way you dress him. I buy clothes for my 6 month old grandson Ashton that are similar to the ones you buy

  2. He is getting so big! And he officially has the cutest clothes ever!

  3. He is the sweetest!! Love that little smile!