Travel Tuesday : Vail

I'm sad that our trip has come to an end as we have an early morning flight home tomorrow :(  
We've had so much fun and I feel so lucky to have gotten an entire week with my Mama all to myself...you know, with the exception of Brody.  We never get to do this any more and it's so nice.  Brody adjusted so well in the mountains (other than missing his Dad) that it makes me never want to leave!!  

Here's a little recap of where we stayed (Mom's house rocks), ate, and played for the week! 

Holly's Mountain Home

Hello, chandelier!!

The views are extraordinary...

Is that Hepburn art amaze balls or what???


We had two nights out for dinner and we dined at two of my favorites!

Sweet Basil

They have a great selection of seafood and meats...
Kelly is a young chef that competed on Iron Chef and opened a fabulous restaurant in Vail.  Her menu is set as a prefix 3 course meal.  All the portions are small and the presentations are beautiful.  

There is truly so much to do here in the summer, but we were certainly limited with a one year old for the big adventures.   We never attempted a hike with him on our backs or even a bike ride while pulling him behind us.  

We mostly strolled him around the village, took him out to lunch a few times, swam at the pool most days and enjoyed some pretty walks close to the house.  

It really was all we needed though...

It was such a relaxing week and I hope we can do this again next year!  I can only imagine how much fun he will have in just one more year!!

Pray for me as I fly home with this little tyke tomorrow morning.  
"Keep Calm and Carry On" :)

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  1. I've never been to Colorado but your pictures are gorgeous and really make me want to go!


  2. Your mom's house is beyond beautiful. I seriously think you should plan a month trip next time, how can you leave? I love her atheistic - and all of those rugs and throws have me wanting to ditch this heat in LA and book a weekend trip!!

  3. Your moms house is gorgeous!! My husband goes to Vail all the time with his boss but I've never been. We keep saying we need to plan a trip. I don't blame you for to wanting to leave it looks perfect

  4. What a gorgeous home in a beautiful place! It sounds like such a relaxing trip (well as relaxing as a trip with a 1 year old can be)! Fingers crossed for a great flight for you and Brody!

  5. So gorgeous, what a wonderful trip! Good luck on your way back :)

  6. girl! i can't get over the way that house is decorated. so beautiful!!

    amanda @ as the wine cork turns

  7. Wow, what an awesome house! And those views! Makes me want to move there. Glad you had a great trip!

  8. Looks like an amazing vacay and your moms house is Uh-May-Zing!

  9. PRETTY pretty home!! Hoping the travel goes well with NO LONG LAYOVERS like last time!! :)

  10. That home you stayed in is gorgeous! I wouldn't want to leave either! Never been to Vail but went to Denver for my bachelorette and had a BLAST! Such a fun city!

  11. Wow, what a view from the house! I could stay out on that deck all day! Sounds like you had such an amazing time with your Mom and Brody. Hope it's been an easy transition back to "real life" now that you're home! - Jess