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Welcome to another Thoughts for Thursday link-up party with Natalie and I.  We are so thankful for all of you who have been linking up week after week with us and for a few new comers each week.  I'm stealing Natalie's idea from last week and sharing a little bit about me and what brought me to blogging.  So read along with a cup of coffee and grab a button at the end of the post and join the party!  Remember, you can write about anything ;-)

I'm Annie, a 29 year old gal living in Pensacola, FL (my hometown).

I got married in April 2012 to my husband Matt.  In June 2013, we had our son Brody.  We also have our first born, Bella.  A four year old, 7 pound, white Maltipoo who is extremely jealous of her brother.

I stay at home with our son, Brody (almost 14 months).  I worked in the family business for 4 years prior to having Brody. I started in sales then moved as the sales and marketing director at our corporate office in Gulf Breeze, FL.  I attempted to go back to work (at least part-time) after Brody was born, but it didn't work well for either party.  So I am very lucky to spend every day with my little man.

I love to travel, workout, shop and of course, blog.  That's pretty much all I fit in these days.  I used to love to play golf, but never have time for that anymore.  I love my friends and used to hop on a plane and visit them for any occasions possible; but sadly, it's no longer that easy.  I miss those times.  But I am so thankful for my family and hope to have some weddings to attend in the near future to catch up with old friends (hint hint)!!

Pizza and all Mexican

Blue (all shades of it) and White
I think it's kind of a problem that 3 rooms in my house right now are blue and white and the fourth one is navy blue, white and green!  I love light blue. It soothes me.

Skinny Vanilla Iced Latte (summer)
Dirty Chai Latte (winter) It's a Chai Latte with a shot of expresso

Stoli Club Soda with Lime or a glass of Cabernet.  If I'm drinking beer - Michelob Ultra.

For Me: J Crew, Shopbop, Piperlime
For Brody: Online Auctions (Facebook & Instagram) Shrimp & Grits, Gap
For the Home: Duh (local), Wisteria, Homegoods & Ballard Designs

I usually like to be in the bed by 9 and asleep by 10pm.  Wake up time is between 630am and 7am depending on Brody.

Bare Minerals Bronzer ( I <3 to be tan)

I blog about family, food, fashion, travel and life in general.  It seems that the last few months I have settled into a weekly schedule on the blog and it seems to help hold me accountable.
Monday: Scenes from our Weekend (Life)
Tuesday: Taste of Tuesday (Food)
Wednesday: Mid Week Muse (Fashion)
Thursday: Thoughts for Thursday (Random thoughts, loves, complaints, celebrity gossip, whatever...)
Friday: Five on Friday (Any random five things from the week that I feel like sharing or my favorite things from the week)

Sometime in 2009 I found my friend Katie's blog through social media I think.  We went to high school together, but were really more acquaintances.  She was 2 grades older than me.  She married right out of high school to her HS sweet heart and moved to the northeast and started the blog to keep in touch with her family down south.  It was called Confessions of a Young Married Couple and now is Marriage Confessions.  She was so wity, honest and hilarious that she kept me coming back and I was interested in her life as a married woman as I had just taken a leap and moved to a new city (Orlando) for my boyfriend (now husband).

After college, I lived in Atlanta for two years with some close friends from college.  We had the time of our lives.  We lived for the weekends and after-work cocktails and spent more money than we made on designer clothes and fine dining!  After two years in the city our group of friends slowly starting fleeting one by one and I was no exception.  I moved to Orlando where Matt was and as happy as I was to be with him, I realized I had no other friends in the city.  I missed my girlfriends and learned about blogging as a way to keep in touch.  You can read my first post on an old blog here. 

That {old} blog got pretty neglected as I started becoming busier with work and life got in the way.  Once Matt and I got engaged in 2011, I found myself back reading tons of blogs for wedding inspiration.  Southern Wedding's  being my favorite and it just so happens that I went to high school with Lara Casey, the founder, too! Small world.  After getting married, we were talking babies and starting to build a house and I found myself scouring the blogs learning everything I could about both.  I found so many I loved and found so much inspiration through them all that I finally felt compelled and excited to start Home of Malones.

In the beginning, blogging on Home of Malone's was a way for me to document our journey of building our first home and my pregnancy with Brody.  I am so happy that I have it documented and have already referred back to old posts for so many different things.  Since then, it's become more than just an online journal.  I've seen this blog evolve over the last two years just as I've seen our life evolve.  We've settled as a family in our new home and I've taken to my role as "wife, mother and homemaker."  (Sidenote: My Mom reminded me that when I was in Kindergarten and they went around the room and asked us all what we wanted to be when we grew up, I said "I want to be just like my Mommy. I want to be a housewife." Too funny.)  The truth is though, I really enjoyed working and the adult interaction was so important to me because I love people.  I knew I was going to miss that.  I think I've become more and more involved in this blog since leaving work because I love the community and interaction with all of you and it gives me that sense of accomplishment.  I love learning (even if it's just about shopping or the latest beauty product) and I love sharing what I know or have learned or experienced.  I hope you enjoy what you read because it is real life.  I appreciate all of you for following along and all of the support and feedback that you provide.  It makes my day each and every day :)

I always love reading more about bloggers so feel free to steal this "About Me" idea too!

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  1. Love getting to know you a little better!

  2. I learning why other bloggers blog and how they got started. I may have to steal this idea for next week! I too love light blue, grey and white for the house! I love the colors in your home. That first photo of you is gorgeous!!

  3. I love these posts - thanks for sharing so much about yourself! Your house is just beautiful and the colors are very soothing!

  4. Your house is gorgeous! And that floor in the last pic!! I need you to come over to my house and give me some pointers! I'm a white and blue girl too. I'd have an white house if my husband would let me!
    Life as I know it

  5. Love this post!! I love your house and the color scheme. I was all green and beige in our old house and this one I've been all about blue. Do you have the jenny lind crib for Brody? I think I'm going to get that for baby #2, I just recently feel back in love with it. Pizza and mexican are my true food loves too- we eat an embarrassing about of pizza around here.

  6. Absolutely love this post and getting to know more about you! Your home is probably one of the most beautiful ones I've seen...you need to do more of a home tour!! I'm definitely going to be stealing this idea - such a great post!

  7. Annie, this is just one of the best posts I have ever read! I love it! It is honest and so you! Cheers gal!!! I may have to just "borrow" this idea for next Thursday! Plus you home is out of this world! xoxo!

  8. What a fun post! That picture of you is GORGEOUS! And I just love your house. I too have so many rooms with pale blue and beige but I can't help it - I'm drawn to neutral and calm colors. (Which is why painting our nursery DARK navy was oh so scary for me.) Fun to learn you lived in Orlando - that's where I live.

  9. Love this, girlie. Also...pizza and Mexican for the win. Always. xx

  10. I love this! I need to do one of these asap! I am also 99% positive we would be such good friends IRL. Pizza, Mexican and beer? Yes please!! Also, can we discuss how gorgeous that picture of you is?!

  11. Loved learning more about you :) My brother and his family live in Gulf Breeze, we just LOVE it there so much. Pizza and Mexican, I could live on for sure!

  12. love this post! i definitely think it's great for people who read what you write everyday to know a little about you. i think i may steal the idea :)

    pizza and mexican. my kinda girl.

  13. Loved getting to learn more about you! I am 100% obsessed with your house and the way you styled it.. so I'm probably going to copying your master bedroom if you don't mind, haha!

  14. Great idea for a post, I already feel like I know you better :) And I LOVE all your bedrooms, so beautiful!!

  15. I love that you shared a little about yourself. Your wedding picture is beautiful and I am slightly obsessed with your bedroom. Those windows!

    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  16. What a gorgeous picture of you and your home is stunning! Loved reading this. Yay for not-quite-30 (29 till April anyways ha).

  17. I love this post idea...I might have to use it! :) The first picture of you is so pretty and I love the photos of your house!

  18. Loved getting to know more about you! And how gorgeous is that first picture of you?! Oh my goodness -- stunning! xo!

  19. First, I am in LOVE with your bedroom! It's beautiful and I love that style. Love this post too! It's fun to learn more behind the blogger :)

  20. i love this! your home is so beautiful, im obsessed with white and blue too so i love your style! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  21. Loved reading this about you! This is such a fun blog to follow, it is so neat the way it evolved.

  22. Grate post! Loved reading about you and your life. You have a beautiful family!

  23. Love, love, love this, Annie! And I loved all of your pictures! :) I recently just did something similar but not quite the same with a 25 Things You Don't about Me post, but I think I would love to do this too…possibly for my 6 month blogiversary next month. ;) I just added your blog to my Blogs I Love on my sidebar. Loving your linkup, and your blogging schedule is fantastic!

    P.S. Where did you find your monogrammed pillows on your bed in your master? I am on the hunt for some new ones. :)

  24. Love this whole post! The photos are so beautiful! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  25. What a fun post, and such great pictures! Be a family and home!

  26. loooooooved reading this post!! still can't believe we grew up in the same town :) love your little fam!!

  27. wow that first picture... you are a knockout bride!!! loved learning a little bit more about you! one of my very favorite blogs xoxox