Fun in the Sun Brody is ONE | Birthday Party Details

** First, I want to thank everyone that was new to the link-up last week for joining Natalie and I and apologizing to all of you that we did not get to visit and comment on as both Natalie and I were neck deep in planning both our son's first birthday parties!!!  We are excited to be back in full force and visit your blogs and meet all of you.  **

I'm sharing the details from Brody's birthday party this past weekend for my Thoughts for Thursday today.   

Everything was truly a hit and we all had an absolute blast.  You can read a little more about our weekend on my recap from Monday.  I had a blast planning this party and would do it all over again.  I thought I'd share a few things I learned:

- It's never too early to start thinking, dreaming, pinning, and DIY'ing for a party.


- Even though Nico & Lala did a lot of my party swag, I still had a few projects I wanted to do on my own and if I had waited until the last week to do them, I would have just said, "forget it." 

- Setting the time of your party:  This was the one regret I had for the party.  It's not a big deal, but it would have been better to start the party at 12pm rather than 11am.  It would have allowed Brody a longer morning nap and me more time to get everything set up for the party!! 

- Have fun with it!! I definitely went overboard for a first birthday party (even though it was also like our housewarming party), but I had a blast doing it and don't regret a thing!! 

So now to the fun stuff...

The party all started with this little invitation.  Thanks to my girls, Nico & Lala, for coming up with this adorable invitation and theme.  I gave them very little direction and really no color scheme an this is what they sent me.  It set the tone for the entire party!!  I couldn't have been more pleased. 

I was lucky enough to already have this wreath and I just stuck Brody's invitation inside of it and it was the perfect greeting for our guest. 

I set this table up when you first walked in the house for our guest to sign the birthday book for Brody.

These cookies were amazing and from Whimsey Cookie Co. 

I forgot to take a picture, but I printed this sign and stuck it on the door to our office right off the entry way and made it the changing room.  I laid out a blanket and changing pad with some wipes and diapers with a trash can and I'm so glad I thought of it at the last minute.  It was the perfect place for the kids to change into their swim suits or for any breastfeeding mom's to sneak off to feed their baby.  I left my hoppy pillow on the desk chair too.  

Sand pails and sand toys were $1.99 from Party City and then I added a few trinkets from the $1 section of Target.  (chalk, bubbles, toy cars) Stickers by Nico & Lala. 

Monthly baby banner was a DIY project using banner from Target and construction paper to craft the fish.  The paper tassel banner is from Fancy Face Paper Studio.

Bucket from Target and Water Labels by Nico & Lala

Champagne Labels by Nico and Lala// Straws from Shop Sweet Lulu

Stadium Cups by Pizzaz // Plastic Mugs from Target // Pitchers from Pottery Barn // Banner is DIY // Orange and Teal string from Shop Sweet Lulu

Cupcakes by Oh Snap // Cake Pops made by a friend 

My Mom was so sweet to make all of the appetizers which we put on the kitchen bar.  We had Tuna tartar, Crabmeat Dip and Curry Cheese Pate.

BBQ from Hot Spot BBQ 

I made this cute sign on PicMonkey and uploaded it to Walgreen's website to have printed on a 16x20 poster.  It worked perfect.  I just taped it to the fence and it stayed fine.

Banner from Nico & Lala

Pom Pom cake banner from TiTisTuTus // My wonderful MIL made the smash cake for Brody

Hat and Bib from DaintyCouture

One Banner was a DIY

Nico & Lala - Invitations, Food Cards, Champagne & Water Bottle Labels
Fancy Face Paper Studio - Paper Tassel Banner
Shop Sweet LuLu - Paper Lanterns, Paper Straws, Tissue Garland, Large Balloons
TheManicMoose - Paper Snorkel Mask for Photo Booth
TiTisTuTus - Pom Pom Cake Topper on Smash Cake
DaintyCouture - Monogrammed Birthday Hat and Bib
Tyler Teston Photography - All photos except a few I snuck in there from my camera or phone. (His are the awesome ones)
Pizzaz Home - Monogrammed Stadium cups and Cocktail Napkins

Hope you made it all the way to the bottom and enjoyed yourself! Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help!!

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  1. OMG! what a cute party! the details are so fabulous. amazing job, and happy belated birthday to brody!

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    And your house and yard are beautiful!

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