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Welcome to Natalie and I's inaugural "Thoughts for Thursday" link-up party!  We are so excited to kick-off a new link-up and hope to meet some new faces and learn a little bit more about the faces we already know!  If you didn't get your thoughts together in time for this weeks link-up, be sure to join us next week!  You won't want to miss this party again :)

Today I'm talking beauty and even gathered a few of the items that help me get beautiful in the mornings these days...

First, I'll bullet a few random thoughts:

+ My beauty routine has grown since having a child...that is when I decide to actually wear make-up.

+ It took about 9 months after having Brody to really start feeling "pretty" again.  I can't explain it completely (those of you that have had babies probably understand better), but it just changes things. Your skin, your hair, your EYES.  

+  I started having bags under my eyes all the time.  That's never something I ever dealt with in the past and it ages you many years.  

+  My hairstylist CHOPPED my hair off back in January thinking I needed a fresh look after my Dad passed and I wanted to cry, but I had bigger things to worry about at the time.  I pretty much HATED it though.  

+ I hated my short hair mainly because it hadn't been that short since I was a freshman in college, but also because it makes my face look fat.  This really didn't help with my already fat face from the extra baby pounds I was holding onto.  

+ I miss my hair being this long...and that's me and my Dad <3

+ Oh, this picture reminds me....I pretty much sport "poufs" like in the picture above all the time because after having a baby, you lose a lot of hair and when it grows back...it ain't pretty.  It sticks straight up at your part and at your hair line and is terrible.  So I try to hide it with the pouf.  

Sorry if I have scared any of you from ever wanting any children.  That's definitely not my intention because our babies are the most amazing things on this planet and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat (and plan to).  However, they do force us to make some adjustments in the beauty department which I know is a positive for me because my previous beauty regimen consisted of bronzer, blush, mascara and some lip gloss.  That was it.

Now, here's my routine: 

Laura Mercier Primer - I don't always use this primer honestly because I have usually just slathered on some of the moisturizer below.  But I need to use it more because I do think it helps make up go on more evenly and helps matte the skin.  
Hope in a Jar Moisturizer -  I love love this stuff.  It's such a nice moisturizer morning or night.  I use it for both, but I know they do make a PM night cream as well.  I may have to try that soon or if any of you have, let me know your thoughts.  
Origins GinZing Eye Cream - This stuff has saved my life.  Thanks you Ashley for recommending. This cream adds the perfect tingling feel to let you know its working plus is light pink in color which brightens and shines your eyes up!  I love it!  Good bye dark circles... 
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer - This is a new addition to my beauty routine and it amazes me I was able to go so many years without it.  It's perfect because it has SPF plus its lightweight and gives me color while evening out my skin tone.  Money.  I use the color Tan. 
Laura Mercier Powder & Concealer -  I'm not a big powder person really, but if I'm feeling a little shining I'll use  that nice Laura Mercier pouf and dab my face a bit.   This also has a concealer in it which I use under eyes and if I have a blemish to cover.  
Bare Minerals Blush Brush - Simple blush brush I've had for a few years and probably need to clean or replace. 
Bare Minerals Bronzer - I've been using this bronzer for years and years in the color warmth. I love it.  Now that I use my tinted moisturizer though, I have to really be careful not to add to much bronzer or else I look like  Magda from Something About Mary! 
Bobbi Brown Blush - This was a dual bronzer and blush compact at one point, but the bronzer fell out and I loved the blush so I've used it for years.  The color is pale pink.  It's bright enough to show up over my dark bronzer :)
Benefit They're Real Mascara -  I'm sure you've seen this stuff on tons of beauty blogs because it's really that good.  It's the bomb and every time I try to buy cheaper ones because it pisses me off to pay so much for a tube of mascara, I hate them.  So I buy this one again.  
Bare Minerals Brush - Brush I use for my bronzer which again needs to be washed or replaced, I'm sure.  
Stila Eye Pencil - I've tried a lot of eyeliner and so many of them smear really bad or don't go on smoothly, but I love this pencil that stila makes.  I have it in black and brown and I use them every day.  
Lip Stick - This varies... I have a bunch that float around my house and throughout purses, but mostly I use these Revlon pencils.  I have about 10 different colors.  
Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow  - I forgot to photograph this, but I use a shadow selection similar to this one from Bobbi Brown.  I think mine was a limited edition.  

Now it's your turn!  

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  1. I could have written this post!! Of course I'm back to the feeling yuck stage because I'm pregnant again and my skin is all over the place. My hair sucks this pregnancy- it was pretty good with Miller but with this one I can't get it to do anything. I love bare minerals bronzer- I've been using it for years and was thinking of trying a new one but I just don't think I can. The origins ginzing eye cream has been my go-to for years- I've always had dark circles and it's a lifesaver.

  2. I'm so worried about my skin when I get pregnant!! I've always had acne and finally have it at bay but I just know it'll go crazy when I get pregnant. So sorry to hear about your Dad :(

  3. What a fun new link-up!! Looks like you're a Laura Mercier fan!! The tinted moisturizer sounds amazing! Huge fan of benefits mascara!!

  4. Happy to join the new link-up. As a new mom myself your post definitely resonates with me. Also, I have been a LM tinted moisturizer gal for years but just made the switch to Hourglass' Illusion Tinted Moisturizer (you can purchase it at Sephora) and I LOVE IT even more. I did a recent post on my skin care routine if you care to take a look and benefits is most def on it. http://shalabamian.blogspot.com/2014/05/beauty-regime-as-seen-in-blog-universe.html

  5. Aww I love the photo of you and your Dad, so sweet. I'm very sorry for your loss. Your hair looks gorgeous there but I bet you were beautiful with short hair too! We're always the hardest on ourselves! And I LOVE They're Real! Best mascara ever!

  6. Yay for a new linkup! And yay for Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer -- I lurve that stuff. :) That picture of you and your father is really sweet.

  7. Fabulous picture of you and your daddy! Great products as well- I have got to try the LM tinted moisturizer stat- everyone seems to love it!! xoxo

  8. it is hard to feel pretty again after baby with all the spit-up and drool i have along with the bags under my eyes...

  9. Can't wait to linkup next week! I swear by the Origins Ginzing Eye Cream - I use it in the morning and it works wonders! BM Warmth is my absolute favorite bronzer.. I'm obsessed with all BM products actually!

  10. Hi Annie. I'm sorry you lost your dad. the dress you're wearing in the photo with him is gorgeous. You're so lucky to have a baby! there are some make-up products that are so quick and easy to use like mineral powder, it may save you some time and you can also sleep in it! Anyway back to your list, Your make-up is top quality which is great as it should stay on all day! I love Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier. You have great taste. I have just started following you. I will leave my link in case you're interested in also following. Good to connect.

  11. I love your hair color! The baby hairs... the WORST! It's crazy how much changes post-baby. I swear it takes me two years to get back to normal. I love a good makeup routine share!

  12. You stole my heart with this post! I use several of these items (bronzer, eyeliner, primer) and have a new one to share.....Bliss brand "Pore perfecting facial polish" is the bomb.com. Your face will feel like Brody's after just one use. That picture of you and pops is so precious. Miss him.