Scenes from our Weekend : My Sister-in-Law's Baby Shower

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's weekend.  We had a fun weekend planned with a trip down to Tampa, Fl for my sister-in-law's baby shower.   We made it a family affair and had a little weekend vacation.  Brody experienced his first plane ride and his first stay at a hotel.  We stayed at an amazing new hotel in the area called the Epicurean.  It is very well-designed and incredibly decorated.  It looks like it came out of a Restoration Hardware catalog.  We loved it.  

I'll let the photo's do the rest of the talking...

Brody excited about the flight

Brody asleep during the flight

Friday night (Valentine's night) we all had dinner over at my Brother and Sister-in-Law's house.  It was laid back and simple.  I loved it.  Brody got to stay up late and play too.

One of my dearest college friends got to meet Brody for the first time on Saturday.  Her and her boyfriend met us for brunch at the hotel and then she joined us while we got our nails done and got in some extra Brody hugs.  

Sunday was the day of the shower and it was perfect.  My sis-in-law is the cutest little pregnant gal ever.  She's so tiny and just glowing!  Her sister and good friend put the shower on and I loved what they did.  They bought wooden baby hangers and colored sharpie markers and everyone could decorate a hanger to the new baby.  It was fun to see everyone get creative.  

Me and the SIL

Brody enjoyed the shower too!  He had so much fun playing with the two other kids at the party.  I swear we need to adopt another baby for a few hours every day because they help keep this boy entertained for hours.  It's fantastic.  The good news is that I don't even have to adopt one because my brother and SIL are moving to Pensacola this weekend!!!!! I can hardly believe it.  Their baby boy will arrive in April and he and Brody will be best buds!!

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  1. Baby showers are fun! I love that necklace you have on!!