Five on Friday

It's already that time again...I'm linking up for Five on Friday with DarciAprilChristina and Natasha.

{One} The power of the handwritten note - After my Dad's passing, I have received so many beautiful sympathy cards and notes from friends and family.  The amazing part is that it's not just from my closest friends and family that I speak to on a regular basis.  It's cards from old acquaintances and old friends that I know had to hunt down my current address and make an effort to reach out.   It's so thoughtful and so powerful.   I have always been a strong believer in a handwritten note and always do my best to send them, but am definitely not perfect at it.   This was just a reminder of how much impact a piece of snail mail can make.  I was also extremely impressed by a few notes I received from men.  That is such a nice touch because it is so unexpected.  I know my husband never sends a handwritten note (however he is an amazing card giver) for thank you's or sympathy because I always do them for both of us!  So props to the ladies out there that have trained their men to write them!!

{Two} Blueprint Cleanse - I had 2 days of the blueprint cleanse sent to me this week.  I have done it one time before, but I was still breastfeeding so I ate some real food with the 6 drinks per day that they provide.  This time I stuck to the cleanse.  I love it!  I try to juice my own green juice on a regular basis anyway so I already love the taste of all their juices, but it is definitely hard for me not to eat food the first day.  By day 2, I was feeling great and by day 3 I was wishing I had more juices to continue.  It is such a great jumpstart to getting back on track (I was in a wine every night habit since the holidays) and get back to healthy eating.  Have you tried the Blueprint cleanse or any other cleanse?  How long did you do it for??

{Three}  I instagrammed this photo this week of our coffee station.  It is a pull out drawer hidden behind a cabinet and it is one of the best decisions I made in the new house.  I love it.  Our coffee maker is the Nepresso Citiz with the milk frother.  

{Four}  I snapped a couple pictures of our master bathroom in the new house.  I love it so much.  The gigantic mirror turned out beautiful for the space and the big soaker tub with fireplace is absolute heaven.  

{Five}  And since I always seem to post something about baby Brody, here he is this week still trying to crawl.  He cracks me up how he gets on all fours and rocks and can't seem to figure out how to move forward.  He can scoot backwards but never forwards.   (please ignore his onesie that is on backwards and too small)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 


  1. The house looks amazing!! Can't wait to see a full tour! Happy Friday! xo

  2. Love your master bath!!!! Hope you have a great weekend

  3. Love that tub and light fixture!!

  4. What, a fireplace next to the tub??? I'm SO jealous!! It looks gorgeous in there! And, love that coffee station too. Basically the two coolest things I've seen in a house ever. :) Have a great weekend!

  5. DYYYYING over your bathroom! So beautiful!

  6. You bathroom is BEAUTIFUL. I hope you will keep the sympathy cards--- I did. Have a good weekend!

  7. Hi Annie,
    I found you on the link up today. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I will say a prayer for your family. You've got a lovely house too; I can see myself soaking in a tub like that one day!

    Have a great weekend,

  8. Visiting from the link up. Love the star light!

  9. That coffee station is FABULOUS!!! I need that!! Hope you have a lovely weekend, girlie!! :)

  10. hi there! found you via the link-up! I am loving your home--so gorgeous. the coffee bar is a fabulous idea--I love that!

    I have looked into doing a cleanse for a while and just haven't committed... reading your post might have just pushed me over the edge. so thank you! :)

    have a great weekend!

  11. Oh my word that tub looks like pure heaven! What an amazing bathroom - you are a lucky lady! Aren't handwritten notes just the best? It is so sweet that you received so many thoughtful ones. I always have a hard time parting with sweet notes and have a box in my closet where I keep pretty much every note/card I've ever gotten!

  12. ahhh the mirror is perfect in the space! I love it!