Scenes From Our Weekend : Christmas Celebrations Begin

We had a jam packed weekend filled with lots of holiday festivities already.  Being that my husband and I are one of those lucky couples that get to celebrate Four Christmases, the Christmas celebrations always begin a few weeks in advance to fit it all in.  

This weekend we started by celebrating Christmas with my Mom on Friday night.   My brothers were both in town this weekend and won't be here for Christmas as they will both be with their in-laws, so it was a great opportunity to all exchange gifts with each other in person.  

We made Brody Santa Claus for the night and he handed out gifts to everyone and my sister-in-law snapped some adorable photos of him in his big Santa hat! 

Brody and Aspen having a stare down...

This pictures cracks me up with that double chin and he looks like a girl!

Saturday night we had our company Christmas Party.  We have it out at Flounder's restaurant on Pensacola Beach and we were so lucky to have nice warm weather.   Our friends came to stay with us and brought over their son, Baylor, and so we got both boys to bed for the night and then headed to the party.  

Me and Liz

We also always walk across the street after the party to keep the celebrations going over at the Sandshaker.  

Me and my hot date

Me and Tiff

Sunday morning we had to rally a bit.  We had a little too much fun Saturday night, so that made Sunday a little rough with a 5 month old.  We had a Santa brunch at our Country Club at noon on Sunday, so we got the fam dressed up and took Brody to see Santa for the first time.  Luckily, he is still young enough that Santa didn't scare him to badly.  I got a couple of shots on my iPhone, but the photographer took some of just Brody and Santa.  I am hoping we might have one cute one in the bunch.  

The Ginn Fam

They were a bit over Santa at this point, but it will be hilarious to look back on this photo in a few years.

After we ate, we took the kids outside for a bit to try and get some good photo ops, but you can see those weren't too successful...

Sorry for the picture overload, but I was glad to finally break out my nice camera and try to get a few good shots since our poor kids are all going to grow up and only have photos taken from our iPhones!! 

Looking forward to a week of purchasing a few last minute gifts, wrapping presents, addressing Christmas cards and a little cooking to get read for Matt's family to arrive this weekend.  

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