December Favorite Things

I'm linking up with Emily and Kylie for our favorite things in December.  Here's a lists of things I'm loving for the most fabulous month of the year!!

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My Favorite Things | December

Starbucks Peppermint Mocha - Loving the peppermint mocha's this season.  I order the tall so I don't feel bad not making it "skinny." 
Thymes scented votive candle - Fraiser Fir. Best. Candle. Ever.
Prenatal Gummy Vitamins -  I am terrible at taking pills, but who doesn't love gummy vitamins.  They made these in the men's vitamins first and I am so glad to have found them in prenatals now too. 
philosophy shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath - They make the best smelling products and this one doesn't disappoint.
ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas- I love the 25 days of Christmas and they've got a great line-up this year! 

What are you loving in December??


  1. I'm obsessed with International Delight's peppermint mocha coffee creamer. That is one thing that I'll never give up. Haha. It's so good, and gives you that peppermint mocha taste while still in your PJ's.

    Target makes prenatals that are very similar to these. They are so yummy! I just picked up another bottle today. :)

    Thanks SO much for linking up with us!


  2. Emily is right...I take the Target version of the Prenatal gummies and they're just as good (just cheaper). I also saw at Target today that Starburcks VIA makes a peppermint mocha that you simply add hot milk to. I've purchased it and will definitely be trying it out. I'll keep you posted ;-).

  3. I need to try one of those peppermint mochas! I have heard it so yummy! I usually just stick to my boring old coffee. I love ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas! I already have some movies ready to be DVR'd! Thanks for sharing your favorite things with us!

  4. I also take prenatal vitamins on the regular and I swear it has made my hair grow long, my nails grow strong, and my eyelashes have doubled in length! I try to hide them in a cabinet everyone that visits doesn't think I'm pregs lol

  5. TOTALLY agree about the frasier fir candle. I literally burn it year round. This is my favorite time of year, in part because I feel like I can finally burn it without shame! xo

  6. Ahhh.. that peppermint latte looks so good right now! I need one asap!

  7. I have a bottle of prenatal vitamins that I take on and off but I have to keep them hidden because when people visit they think I am keeping a big secret from them. Sometimes it is fun to play with their minds but other times it is like come on I am the worst secret keeper ever (unless its important) and I would be telling everyone if we were expecting! But I need to try out these gummies, then maybe I would remember to take them every day

  8. I love gummy vitamins but I tend to eat them like they are regular gummies and I'm afraid I'm going to end up with too much Vitamin C in my system or something!