Christmas 2013 Recap

We had a busy Christmas this year as I know everyone else did too.  We managed to squeeze in four Christmases' into the month and had a wonderful first Christmas with Brody.   He really ended up being right at the perfect age (for a baby) to enjoy Christmas this year.  He learned how to sit up on his own about 2 weeks before Christmas, so we were actually able to place gifts in front of him and he could pull the paper off and eat it! 

I will let the pictures do the talking, but we were lucky enough not to have to travel this year for the holidays and all of our family came to us at different times throughout the month.  It was wonderful being with family and watching our sweet baby boy on his first Christmas.  We know it only gets better each year from here!!

Our little family

Playing with his new toys

Lounging by the fire on Christmas Eve Eve

Matching PJ's for the family on Christmas Eve to wear on Christmas morning.  

Brody with all his loot

Brody's favorite new ride!

Family photos

And here's a little video a made on Animoto for Brody's first Christmas...


  1. Awe! Looks like you all were able to create such wonderful memories for his first Christmas!

  2. Such a cute little family! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!