Scenes from our Weekend

We spent our weekend at home in Pensacola and had another beautiful weekend.  We had a quiet Friday evening and Saturday morning we woke up and went by the new house to let some workers in the house and then headed to Waffle House for a super nutritious breakfast.  It was so fun because it felt like everyone that walked through the door that morning of Waffle House was a family wearing their football pride and a little boy by their side.  It was Brody's first time to Waffle House and he seemed to love it as much as his Daddy!

We headed back home and got ready for our friends to arrive at the house.  Matt and some friends from work had tickets to the LSU vs Bama game on Saturday, so they headed to the game and Tiffany and Baylor came to hang with Brody and I for the day.  

I wasn't sure how I was going to like these longalls on little Brody yet since he is still young, but these ended up fitting him so cute!  It's a reversible longall from Shrimp and Grits.  The other side is the brown checker and has a big turkey appliqué that is adorable! Now these baby clothes companies are thinking...

And I'm absolutely smitten with his adorable orange Freshly Picked http://freshly-picked.myshopify.commoccasins.  They fit him so well and are too precious for words.  

The Dad's left and we played with the boys for the day and watched football at the house.  These boys have now hung out on three different occasions and each time gets more and more fun.  Brody is 5 1/2 months younger than Baylor, so he has some catching up to do; but this trip was fun because he really started to notice Baylor more this weekend and really watched him when he played with his toys, crawled around and pulled himself up on things.  It was so cute.  

We took the boys for a nice walk in the late afternoon and right as the sun set.  They loved it outside and we enjoyed the exercise.  

I suspect this is only the beginning of lots and lots of fun times and laughs amongst these two.  They seem to already have a ball together!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I'm linking up with Sami at Sami's Shenanigan's today.

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  1. Brody is absolutely adorable! That smile gives me baby fever. (Definitely checking out all of your must haves for baby when the time comes)

    You should check out https://www.facebook.com/starsstitches?fref=ts too. My SIL runs this business out of Peoria. She will custom make anything imaginable for a pretty reasonable price. There is also some super cute stuff for you too. Monogram jewelry and infinity scarves monogrammed, baskets, stuff the house, etc.